Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Haven't Stripped In a While

Ok I am checking my math, but um..... yes I think I am correct. I graduated high school 23 years ago this last May. Reconnecting with your high school classmates through Facebook can make one drift back a bit, especially when there are many you haven't seen since that day.
The labels we put upon ourselves and others seem frozen in time. You go about your new life. Some go to college, others marry. We may have pasted new labels over the old only to resurface again perhaps. You lose track.
I reminisce of times when the only label we knew was "friend"! Without the labels we hunted frogs, ate cheerios with chocolate chips, had our own spaghetti eating contests (without utensils), learned to dance in the basement, circled together and cheered before games, had sleep overs on the tramp and in the camper.
Sure we had our spats and immature actions, but "friend" screams louder.
As I age, I find it necessary to strip myself and others of labels and return to my frog hunting, spaghetti eating, dancing, cheering FRIEND. Its a label that covers in all the right places and flatters all figures.

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