Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lehrerin die Tochter - Teacher Daughter

Paige and I had some mother daughter time Friday night. We shopped for others, so we could create together and give 'at risk" girls a homemade pillow case. Her confirmation class will write letters, create cards and fill the pillow case with a personal gift. It is their service project and part of Modern B*a*g Ladies and Enchanted Makeovers Project Traveling Sanctuary. Check out the How-to instructions on how you can also be the fuel.

Paige taught me some German last night. She is taking German as her foreign language in high school. My grandparents spoke German, so I am excited to learn as well and connect with my heritage. Grandpa Longenius Hochstein, how's that for German. Grandma Walter and I will have a new language for our late night talks.

Paige is my teacher (Lehrerin die Tochter) in her young view on the world. She loves flowers. To me she is a flower. I treasure moments with her.

Monday, February 23, 2009

We're in a Constant State of Creation

Make Each Day Your Masterpiece

Ordinary is Extraordinary

Add Your Ray of Sunshine

You are the Star. The Sky's the Limit.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some Things I've Observed Lately

Gee it's been a few days between posts. Doing some passion work makes the days fly by.

Here are a few of my observations lately:

  • Simple isn't always easy.

  • Beauty is simple. Simple is beautiful.

  • Ugly is hard.

  • If acting your age means I'm suppose to wear mom jeans (Jessica I am not sure what you were thinking and you're not even a mom), I'd rather wear my husbands jeans. What does it mean when your husband's jeans fit you better than your own?

  • I'm going to start recommending adults read some children's books. Simple truths not so easy to follow as we get old.

  • I see through the layers other's put on themselves to bury their pain. When you are authentic with others they see their true selves. That can be scary to some people.

Question? Can a mom wear jeans that are too trendy? I saw moms at a volleyball tournament last weekend that seemed a little teeny bopper.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

If I Played the Game of Life Like a Volleyball Game

I watched volleyball most of today. My daughter plays. I enjoy watching my children learn a skill and excel. Their ability to so naturally move they bodies with such physicality. In my mind, I am as strong and agile.

If I played the game of life like a volleyball game.....

  1. I would be a Libero more often, when needed. This is a player who can move on and off the court liberally. No checking in with the officials. Their main job is to set the ball so the front line can spike in the opponents faces. They even get to wear a special colored shirt, which is the only glamorous thing about the job. They don't spike the ball they make the spike possible.
  2. I would be more encouraging when I didn't get the score. Volleyball is the most supportive of games. They are consistently giving high fives. Even when they lose the point they cheer in support. Its not a rule in the book, its a given of volleyball. Teamwork, support, encouragement. Good lessons for my daughter AND ME!
  3. I'd love playing even when it hurt. Whenever I've hit the ball with the inside of my arms it hasn't been a pleasure experience. It hurts. I guess when you are completely in the game and going for the score all the hurt goes away.

Love it~Play Hard~Win (even when the scoreboard doesn't say so)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Channeling Presidents - Happy Birthday Abraham Lincoln!

I crawled out of my warm bed, almost asleep, to write this post tonight. I felt compelled to post this before the clock struck 12:00 am. It would be Lincoln's birthday no longer and I would have to wait until next year. Well anyway, today is Lincoln's bicentennial Birthday. The BIG 2 - 0 - 0 .

I am aware of this because Aunt Carmen sent a gift in the mail this week. The things she sends our family quenches our thirst for knowledge and history. Making us curious for more. Here's what I learned thanks to Carmen.

  • From a young age Lincoln was the writer of truth (I long to write of truth)
  • He was raised by his loving step mother after is mother died (we all mother/nurture each other)
  • The stories told and read gave him his own voice for what was in his heart (listening and reading are essential)
  • He lost elections - He became President - He endured through a nation at war - He helped to free slaves (try try try again)
  • Lincoln wrote of the Emancipation Proclamation - "I never, in my life, felt more certain that I was doing right, than I do signing this paper. My whole soul is in it." (the power of knowing your purpose is the most powerful thing)

Grandpa Lester left a legacy of seeking knowledge. From what I understand he read all the time. Aunt Carmen is passing this down to his grandchildren. Lincoln was my husband's father's great historic hero. This is what Carmen writes,

"Abraham Lincoln was Grandpa Lester's great historic hero. He read everything he could get his hands on about Lincoln. Every time we came home to Iowa when we were living in Tennessee we would stop in Illinois to call at his house in Springfield like he was an old friend or a distant relative; walk through nearby New Salem where he lived as a young man like we were going to buy the place, and visit his tomb with great somberness like he had died just last week. Dad's great regard for Lincoln made him come alive, made a statement about what makes a leader great, made history real and important. Happy Lincoln Bicentennial! "

As I've read about Obama, Lincoln and Jackson recently, I find myself in total awe as I now know my children's grandfather found. Lincoln was about truth and honesty.

It gives me hope that there is greatness in us all, including myself. Look what could happen if you use it! WOW!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Putting Yourself First: Selfish or Self-Care?

Kim Beebee, our Sister of Soul B*a*g Lady, shares some thoughts on self care as we approach the most loving of days, Valentines Day.

Kim, and her team, is in the process of launching Soulspring Empowerment Groups for Women ...inspiring women of all ages to let their passions rise to the surface. With a strong support network it is possible to tap into your power, realize your potential and achieve your dreams. I have a feeling we will be hearing from Kim again. Her self care enables her to share her fuel, which fills her tank even more.

Putting Yourself First: Selfish or Self-Care? by Kim Beebe

It’s February, the month of love. Of course our thoughts turn to our most precious of relationships: our spouse, our children, our parents. But often we forget the most important relationship of all; the relationship with ourselves.

Just as our relationships with others take great care to remain strong, so do we need to show our own selves that same kind of care and compassion. While you might expect me to suggest taking a long soak in the tub, which I must say is never a bad idea; the problem goes much deeper than that.

As women we are the nurturers, often putting the needs of others above our own. We tend to make family and work matters our highest priority, thinking that makes us a better mother, wife, sister, employee and friend. The problem is that the longer we go without addressing our own needs (filling our fuel as Kim Lampe would say), the more depleted we become. Our dreams fade, our goals wither and our passions slowly dry up. As you can imagine, this has a negative impact on us emotionally. Often overlooked however is the effect this behavior has on us physically, as research reveals more about the connection between belief, emotion and disease.

What we as women need to understand is that there is a difference between “self-ish” and “self-care”. We have this one life to live and a purpose to fulfill. By not pursuing our passions and dreams we are doing the world, those we love, and most of all ourselves, a great disservice. That is “selfish”.

By treating ourselves with respect, listening to the cues of our body, placing importance on our own dreams and carrying out our divine assignment for our life, we are empowering ourselves at the deepest of levels. That is “self-care”.

While you’re showering affection on those you love this month, don’t forget to give yourself a healthy dose of love. Allow time for silent contemplation daily, appreciate your uniqueness in the world, get in touch with what it is that stirs you, affirm yourself with positive self-talk, and care for your physical body. You’re definitely worth it and it is only then that you will have the “fuel” you need to be and give all you can for yourself and others.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Paint It As I See It B*a*g Lady

The stresses of the world could rob a person of their wholeness if they let it. Almost by surprise if we lay in a wake of numbness, unaware of our pain. Rather a better solution is to acknowledge and release. I believe that is where creativity resides.

Paint It As I See B*a*g Lady does release and purge it onto canvas with oil. Until now I have never been a friend to an oil painting artist. Admiring her paintings is like having a different kind of conversation with my friend. Hope you enjoy this quick chat.

Learn more about this talented B*a*g Lady and take in more of her work at her website.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rarely Asked Question #3 - A Theory On My Moisturizing Habits

I wonder why I only moisturize the exposed parts? My face, my arms, hands and the bottom half of my legs, but not my feet curiously enough.

Perhaps it has to do with their worthiness. They seem to get all the credit for the doing part of my day. Smiling, forming words, typing, lifting, steering the car, walking, running.

Cold winter months are hardest on the exposed parts, but the non exposed parts get their fair share of wear and tear as well. You'd think as much as I sit on my buns they would be protected from the harsh Minnesota, cold dry air, but no.

You know the price of a good moisturizer is going up in price, so I should conserve right? Quality not quantity. Save it for the worthy, hard working exposed parts. I honestly feel like if I spread that stuff everywhere it would be an indulgence. Too much pampering for my sensibilities.

My daughter is a faithful moisturizer. She covers her face. arms, shoulders, stomach and all of her legs. She skips the feet and buns too. And now that I think about it, my mother never schooled me in such a thing and me of my daughter. She does observe me moisturizing my face and I did of my mother as well, so that part was taught by example. She does read magazines such as Seventeen and they must cover this kind of thing there.

The fact is that I am in such a hurry in the morning, I am lucky my exposed parts get the treatment they do. You should see my callused feet and tattered cuticles. EEEK!

I wonder if my lack of attention to these things has anything to do with self worth or more a sign of different priorities. My exposed parts are what others see, but they are also the most in need of moisturizing attention. My heart and mind need tending to as well and attention they do receive.

If the parts that do not get the moisturizer today look like a dried up river bed, trust me they would be getting attention too. Except for my damn feet. They do and I still don't. Hmm baffled.

What are your moisturizing habits and what does that say about your self care?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Check Your Baggage, Tag Your Baggage, Trade it in

Drop Off Your Baggage, Trade it in for B*a*g workshop January 17th was the debut of our Believe Act Go Mapping exercise. I made it a 4 hour event before I knew what the heck we were going to do. And guess what? I could have filled 8 hours and everyone confirmed 4 hours was too short. So, I have been following up with the participants with some follow up exercises.

Holy B*a*g Ladies, we had some fun with this stuff. Here's a little preview.


ourselves of labels.


We stopped for some fuel and will be sharing it with other Modern B*a*g Ladies who couldn't attend the workshop. Join the Sisterhood of the Traveling Sanctuary today!
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