Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some Things I've Observed Lately

Gee it's been a few days between posts. Doing some passion work makes the days fly by.

Here are a few of my observations lately:

  • Simple isn't always easy.

  • Beauty is simple. Simple is beautiful.

  • Ugly is hard.

  • If acting your age means I'm suppose to wear mom jeans (Jessica I am not sure what you were thinking and you're not even a mom), I'd rather wear my husbands jeans. What does it mean when your husband's jeans fit you better than your own?

  • I'm going to start recommending adults read some children's books. Simple truths not so easy to follow as we get old.

  • I see through the layers other's put on themselves to bury their pain. When you are authentic with others they see their true selves. That can be scary to some people.

Question? Can a mom wear jeans that are too trendy? I saw moms at a volleyball tournament last weekend that seemed a little teeny bopper.


cindy said...

JEANS: Not my favorite subject right now. As I did go shopping today to try, and I stress "try to find jeans that fit me correctly. I could rant and rave about this but all I'll say is that I tried on many, many, pairs; and found none. What I did end up buying was a pair of Tommy Hilfiger jean shorts. (I am in Florida). I broke my own cardinal rule of shopping: I swore I would never buy Tommy Hilfiger.

Dancing B*a*g Lady said...

When I was a few pounds lighter Tommy jeans fit pretty well.

If I find a good fitting jean I usually buy 2-3 pair.

M.E. Greene said...

1. I was thinking the same thing about J.S.'s jeans. They look like something from my mom's closet when I was a teenager. Yikes.
2. I try and stay hip without being trendy. I wear what fits well, looks kind of cool, but doesn't let it all hang out or squish my body into a pretzel. I figure there's a happy medium somewhere, and I don't think grown women need to dress like teenagers in order to feel sexy.
3. Isn't it weird how obvious it is when you see people wearing their pain? It's like they're wearing a neon sign that says, "Hey, I don't feel loved. I'm alone. I need help." Sad.

My word verification today is "berel". As in: Those jeans are as flattering as wearing a barrel (berel) around your waist.

Unknown said...

Jeans are hard...they do seem to be making affordable good jeans now....I found some great stretch jeans at Macy's on sale...however, most of the really good fit jeans seem to be hundreds of dollars!!...and yes I think some moms are a little too trying to keep up with their teenage daughter.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, this is a topic I have argued a few times, it's definitely a strange balance. But what I want to ask, why do teenagers have to wear those jeans??? You can look cute and tasteful. There is nothing worse than looking down the back of someones jeans, no matter how old they are.