Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lehrerin die Tochter - Teacher Daughter

Paige and I had some mother daughter time Friday night. We shopped for others, so we could create together and give 'at risk" girls a homemade pillow case. Her confirmation class will write letters, create cards and fill the pillow case with a personal gift. It is their service project and part of Modern B*a*g Ladies and Enchanted Makeovers Project Traveling Sanctuary. Check out the How-to instructions on how you can also be the fuel.

Paige taught me some German last night. She is taking German as her foreign language in high school. My grandparents spoke German, so I am excited to learn as well and connect with my heritage. Grandpa Longenius Hochstein, how's that for German. Grandma Walter and I will have a new language for our late night talks.

Paige is my teacher (Lehrerin die Tochter) in her young view on the world. She loves flowers. To me she is a flower. I treasure moments with her.

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