Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Best

It's 1:15 am Eastern time (my 12:15 time at home) and technically its June 26th, but my June 25, 2009 hasn't ended for me.

I am alone in a hotel room in Taylor MI. The first time I ever heard of Taylor MI I had only one vision and that was from the view of a website of a lady who is now a very good friend. I thought Taylor MI had to be the most enchanting magical place on the earth based on the view from her window.

I was on the outside looking into this world. Today I was inside this world and had a role in letting young girls into this enchanting world where anything is possible and the world is safe, hopefully leaving some of their pain for just a moment.

I did my best at hauling boxes, hanging balloons, unpacking boxes, covering chairs with sashes, cutting cake, laughing, washing dishes, sweating, hugs, eating at Red Lobster, sharing stories.

I know why I did my best today. I was doing for others. I was surrounded by the best. I was expected to be the best. You do your best and next thing you know your best just keeps getting better.

Share your best "world" with others. From that perspective Taylor MI is very enchanting and a place where dreams really do come true.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Snowing in June

June 13th ~ 3:00 PM ~ Haycreek Camp Grounds Red Wing MN

The snow has subsided for now as the breeze calms to a faint whisper on my wet brow, dampened by a slight beading of sweat. Just finished mowing the grass at the camper. DANG! Just spilled Diet Coke on my white t-shirt for the second time today.

Alone again. Dad and kids are golfing. Last time I laid my, heavier that I'd like body, on this hammock, I gazed at finches above.

What is it about leaving life at your "house" to "live" at the camper for 2 days. My body only 5 minutes from our "house" and my mind drifts 100's of miles. Actually, light years away, wondering and awing about the universe and how small I am, yet how powerful I am.

The breeze almost gone now. Cottonwood just floats. I smell campfires and grass. I hear birds and children laughing. There goes a howl and a "cook-a-doodle-do". Yes! A campground with roosters.

Now I wonder, "Work my butt off or savor the journey?" I can do both.

Time to swing. Life is good. Thank you God. Snow is picking up again.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Paige and I picked out this cute little salt and pepper shaker set today. LOVE Birds. Lovely little restaurant with cute gifts, Chickadee Cottage. I knew Paige would love it there and we had the best strawberries ever, fresh and in an AWESOME piece of pie we shared. Dad came along as well. What a lovely lunch together, laughing and eating fresh food. These lovely birds will rest on the window sill at the kitchen sink.
They will remind me of the vision Paige paints with her words about how she loves flowers and wants to live in a small modest cozy cottage. I will continue to feed this dream and feel how it will feel when I join her at her cottage for a cup of tea. I will give her these birds on that day. Yes I LOVE birds.




Drawn together by love magnets.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Queen of the Road

Queen of the Road ~ Delicate ~ Wild ~ Resilient

Memories. Touching. Seeing. Feeling. The heart continues the journey. We “press” on with weight to bare. Or we just “hang” around. More Beauty. More Memories.

I await the arrival of these delicate, wild resilient road warriors. They bring back memories as a child with my mother. We pressed and hung queen ann's lace for dried flower arrangements.