Thursday, June 11, 2009


Paige and I picked out this cute little salt and pepper shaker set today. LOVE Birds. Lovely little restaurant with cute gifts, Chickadee Cottage. I knew Paige would love it there and we had the best strawberries ever, fresh and in an AWESOME piece of pie we shared. Dad came along as well. What a lovely lunch together, laughing and eating fresh food. These lovely birds will rest on the window sill at the kitchen sink.
They will remind me of the vision Paige paints with her words about how she loves flowers and wants to live in a small modest cozy cottage. I will continue to feed this dream and feel how it will feel when I join her at her cottage for a cup of tea. I will give her these birds on that day. Yes I LOVE birds.




Drawn together by love magnets.


Jan said...

I just read your lovebirds blog-and had the most satisfying feeling-realizing what fun I am going to have with my daughter and granddaughter in the next years. Paige I can furnish your cottage with so many fun things-lace, dishes, teacups, on and on. What color of Pyrex would you like for your kitchen, pink, green, turquoise, white????? I have a pair of bird salt and pepper shakers to go along with the one's you just purchased. Someday they will be yours too. Kim, your writing is thought provoking and inspiring. Quilting Bag Lady

marie*jolie said...

Oh my gosh... LOVE those shakers! I just barely received a set of bird shakers as a gift, though they aren't as charming as yours.