Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I could have said no, but I'm glad I didn't....

Pastor Randy approached me a couple weeks ago and asked if I would help coordinate the kitchen efforts during the banquet for the 9th grade confirmation students. These kids have been on a journey for 2 years in preparation for their confirmation and tonight they gathered for a meal with their families.

I've heard much about the movie "Yes Man" lately and recently watched. Jim Carey's character takes the whole concept of saying "YES" to everything a little far, but ultimately it brought many opportunities into his life he would not have experienced if he had stayed in his "fearful" sheltered life.

OK, back to Pastor Randy's request. Just for a brief second after the request was made I ran through all the reasons I "couldn't" help. It wasn't that I couldn't. The question I had to ask myself was, "Am I willing?" Of course I COULD help coordinate a kitchen. For gosh sakes I coordinate a household every day. For just a brief second excuses flashed before me and within a split second I said, "I can do that."

Little did I know at the time, that Pastor Randy was training 2 more parish members that he could ADD to his "trained" kitchen disciplines. I am sure I will get another request in the future.

Serving others is GOOD. It brings meaning to my life and besides I do I like to boss and direct people around (nicely of course).

I could have said no, but I'm glad I didn't. So next time you have a twitch of NO, maybe you should say YES!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How High Can You Stack Your Baggage?

Old luggage has a certain charm don't you think. Clunky, heavy, bright to bland colors. Gosh no wheels, what's up with that. You want me to carry my luggage? You know maybe they were on to something back then.
If you had to carry your heavy, clunky baggage, well you just might think about what you were carrying around with you. There would be no denying that you had baggage. You couldn't deny the hurt it was causing you by lugging it around.
Too many times we give our baggage wheels and a nice sleek handle. Oh look at me frolicking through the airport of my life. I don't have any problems. My life is so nice. And while you are off denying your baggage it is happily multiplying like rabbits (see the first picture).
Just acknowledge it for what it is and find ways to recycle it into your B*a*g (believe act go).
I think a few vintage bags are way more stylish than a new sleek bag with wheels and a stylish handle anyway.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

God is a Verb

God is a verb. God is Love.
Love isn't a feeling. Love is doing. Act with Love.

Laughing Smiling Giving
Forgiving Praying Listening

The A(ction) is center.
b A g
It is the core. It is the hub. It is where it flows from and back to.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Eco-friendly Fuel For All - Project Traveling Sanctuary

Let’s help women find their enchantment, their heart and their way back home with the boost of a simple and heartfelt, homemade gift.

When: Saturday May 23rd

Where: Being Your Day's Travels at Rustic, 212 SouthWashington St Lake City. Many participating retailers.

Time: 10 am - 4 pm (arrive anytime up to 3pm)

Cost: $25

Buy Your Ticket that Day.

The event benefits women and children living at a Southeastern Minnesota women’s shelter.

Haven of Hope - Red Wing, MN
Lewis House Community Action Council - Hastings, MN
Women's Shelter - Rochester, MN

What exactly is a Traveling Sanctuary?

The Pillowcase is the B*a*g (believe act go) vehicle. You fuel it with the most eco-friendly, renewable fuel available on this earth - LOVE.

A handmade pillowcase made with love. A handmade cards with a personal note of inspiration and an optional gift inside. The B*a*g (believe act go) Traveling Sanctuary will be given to women as they arrive at the shelters.

Below is a journal wrapped in a pillowcase with a card attached to the outside.

{ Women Create } { Women Shop } { Women Give }

Trip Highlights

Launch— Pick up your ticket, fuel up, get your map and meet the benefactors of your day of traveling.

Create the Vehicle: A pillowcase will be selected and sewn. It becomes the B*a*g (believe act go) Traveling Sanctuary.

Write the Travel Guide: A handmade card will be made. A personal note of inspiration written.

Additional Fuel (optional): Area merchants offering specials discounts to ticket holders which can be used to purchase a gift for inside Traveling Sanctuary (not included in ticket price)

Purchase “First Class” tickets and be eligible to win wonderful prizes.

Cost includes material to make pillowcase and handmade note cards (instruction and assistance provided) Also snack and beverage to be provided.

Event Inspired by Enchanted Makeovers.

Event Sponsored by: Rather Bee Quilting, The Scrapbook Store, Rustic and Modern B*a*g Ladies

Monday, April 6, 2009

Tuning Into Your Frequency

A constant tone is present. A constant draw to the present. This tone, much like from a tuning fork is almost always present drawing me to here and now. What some may explain away as some inner ear/sinus thing I proclaim as a tool to "tune in".

When I concentrate on this tone (like I am doing now as I write) it drowns out the woulda, coulda shoulda's. I focus on the tone.

Its a sound from within. This is known because if I plug my ears the tone gets louder and more profound. I enter the ocean. I hear my deep breath and the beating of my heart. It has to be an inside my soul sound, my inner mantra. I plug my ears. It gets louder, more profound, just like when you place a large shell to your ear. Grandma had a huge shell. I listened as a child.

Listen. Clock ticking, Listen. Child breathing. Listen. Furnace heating. Listen. Dreams are now luring my to sleep, so I better get this post completed.
Our family was inspired to listen after watching the movie August Rush. Its a must see.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Features and Benefits of Being a Modern B*a*g Lady

Le'ts familiarize yourself with some main features. Hop in, Let's take a test drive.

B is your Believe. You can categorize beliefs into 4 categories called your BB's; Born, Buried, Bought and Borrowed Beliefs. Our beliefs drive our dreams & thoughts. Dreams and thoughts drive our Actions. This part is about beginning with the end in mind, so it is important to be aware of your BB's.

A is your Act. When our actions are focused around spreading joy, shredding fear and having fun we find the keys to our Traveling Sanctuary. Turn the key. Spark the fuel.

G is your Go. When we believe, dream and take action we can realize our dreams. Our G's are our OH Yes Moments. That inner Yes that isn't that temporary yes from outside forces.

You need to seek out your Fuel. You need frequent, small fill ups. Your Fuel is your self care, not your selfish care. Sometimes your self care includes sharing your fuel as well.

Have B*a*g, fuel and keys, will travel. Traveling is getting out of your safe lane and seeking to help others and yourself. It's proclaiming your dreams to the universe.

As you travel you need to be the safe place for others to renew. You will be the Sanctuary for others. Your mirrors will reflect other's goodness back to them.

Finally, the Modern part is about today being your day. Women are no longer viewed as second class citizens. We have proven ourselves, but perhaps to a fault. Not all women want to bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan. The modern day is ready to allow women to be themselves. Let's claim it today.

B *a*g? Check
Keys? Check
Fuel? Check

Welcome aboard to your Believe Act Go Traveling Sanctuary. Your first B*a*g challenge is to go to your handbag and find some fuel. If all you can find is baggage well its time to go fill it up with one thing that will fuel you dreams and charge you to act. One of my favorite things to carry with me is my Ipod. A Dancing B*a*g Lady needs her music.