Monday, April 6, 2009

Tuning Into Your Frequency

A constant tone is present. A constant draw to the present. This tone, much like from a tuning fork is almost always present drawing me to here and now. What some may explain away as some inner ear/sinus thing I proclaim as a tool to "tune in".

When I concentrate on this tone (like I am doing now as I write) it drowns out the woulda, coulda shoulda's. I focus on the tone.

Its a sound from within. This is known because if I plug my ears the tone gets louder and more profound. I enter the ocean. I hear my deep breath and the beating of my heart. It has to be an inside my soul sound, my inner mantra. I plug my ears. It gets louder, more profound, just like when you place a large shell to your ear. Grandma had a huge shell. I listened as a child.

Listen. Clock ticking, Listen. Child breathing. Listen. Furnace heating. Listen. Dreams are now luring my to sleep, so I better get this post completed.
Our family was inspired to listen after watching the movie August Rush. Its a must see.

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