Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Talking with my Traveling Sanctuary Sisters Video Series - Bouncing on Kandi's Face!

There's nothing more fun than boucing on your virtual assisstant Kandi. How can you be in a bad mood when you're boucing? Good thing Kandi is a good sport.

Monday, December 28, 2009

There's a Genie in my Head, Gut and Butt.

As I begin to write I search for words floating in a thick soup of brain fog.



Hey, give me a moment.... rubbing my temples as if the Clarity Genie will magically appear.

You can only go so fast when you're traveling along in the fog. Ok, I'm approaching a stretch of clarity. Perhaps my eyes are playing tricks on me, but I swear I'm witnessing the fog forming into an actual genie-like figure. Where was I? Oh yah, brain fog. "It's about time you seriously examined this issue with your soupy brain," exclaims the Clarity Genie. She's decked out in some trendy exercise outfit. Whatever! She's one of "those" types. You know the type, all healthy and fit. Secretly I want to be one of those types, but publicly I am almighty on exercising my creativity. Well as long as she's here and given the fact that I am in a bit of a minor crisis, maybe she can be of service to me. "Oh great Clarity Genie, are you here to grant me three wishes?" "No, not really. Its more like I have three wishes for you, which involves your head, your gut and your butt. You have some committing to do, sister. " I'm thinking to myself, I did start this whole thing and she did come out of my ear, so she must be a smart, caring friend.

"First you must understand what is going on (or the lack there of) inside "our" brain, so onward to GOOGLE. Wow! There's no lack of information on "brain fog". We discovered a virtual smorgasbord of causes.

I'm sharing this information because by the looks of it, this condition is at epidemic proportion. Don't feel like you have the condition? Read on, so you don't fall victim in the future. I'll start with a short list of causes and weigh in on my particular circumstances. I will share my own personal de-fogging commitment plan. I find making these types of plans public adds weight to the accountability scale. Lastly I will provide links to the information I found helpful in my own analysis.

#1 - Stress - Over stimulation is not always good. If somebody is suffering from Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome their gland, that controls you body's ability to cope with stress, is not functioning. My stress is not overwhelming, but I will commit more time to quiet meditation.

#2 - Fatigue and sleep deprivation - SOCK ME IN THE HEAD, GUT AND BUTT. This one hits home with me. I will commit to being in bed no later than 11:30 each night.

#3 - Poor nutrition - I certainly could do better in this category. I will commit to eating less white stuff and more green stuff. I will start taking a supplement.

#4 - Candidiasis - This is a systematic overgrowth of yeast in your body. After some further research into this condition I feel strongly that I have this. If you have the following symptoms you may want to take this survey: depression, anxiety, sudden mood swings, lack of concentration, headaches, drowsiness, and/or fatigue. Warning: The survey does lure you into purchasing their products, but it did appear to be comprehensive. I personally went to my local health food store for advice and the appropriate approach for me. I will do a Coconut Oil Cleanse.

#5 - Chronic viral infections. To my knowledge I am not suffering from any viral infections.

#6 - Metal Toxicity - I am not exposed to these metals so I will discount this one: aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury.

#7 - Blood Sugar Issues - Consuming protein in the AM can help to regulate your blood sugar and eating health small meals/snacks throughout the day.

#8 - Artificial Sweeteners - KICK ME IN THE HEAD, GUT AND BUTT - I haven't had a Diet Coke for 6 days. There are many articles on the ill effects of artificial sweeteners. GOOGLE it for yourself and come to your own conclusion.

#9 - Menopause - My baby apartment was removed a few years ago increasing the likelihood of earlier onset of menopause with the partial hysterectomy.

#10 - Constipation - You feed it via the mouth on your head. It makes it way through the gut and hopefully eliminates regularly out the butt. All of my other commitments will keep it all flowing. I have started taking a probiotic supplement.

There's a short list of causes of brain fog to contemplate if you are so inclined. In regards to my genie reference, she represents one of the 7 Chakras, which spans your head, gut and butt. They are all dependant on each other. All for one and one for all. Here is a fun, no brainer guide to your 7 Chakras, 7 Courses of Living Fully. My brain fog is caused by a combination of many things. My awareness and willingness to address it has centered me back to being aware of all the areas of my mind, body and soul that need proper fuel and care. Like I said earlier, the fog causes the the Traveling part to be slow and sometimes dangerous.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Born to Pursue the American Dream?

Sometimes I could just kick myself. What the heck was I thinking? Have I been brain washing to believe I was born to pursue the American dream. I now believe much of it is just a hoax to hypnotize us into CONSUMING? The whole realization that we've been programmed to mindlessly consume makes me want to vomit!

Let's take a mortgage. Wikipedia claims mortgage comes from the Old French "dead pledge," apparently meaning that the pledge ends (dies) either when the obligation is fulfilled or the property is taken through foreclosure. Ok mortgages are not evil, but when you are handcuffed to your mortgage and it influences your life and decisions to the point that it prevents you from pursuing your born belief and purpose that is a serious problem.

We were not born to "work" for 40 years so we can have a happy retirement. We were born to enjoy life, you know the ebb and flow of life. We were born to have mini retirements throughout our lives, but when we are handcuffed to a mortgage that doesn't give us the flexible to experience life, it buries and weighs us down.

Start thinking about your beliefs. Are they your own beliefs? What things have buried your own beliefs. What beliefs have your bought or borrowed?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ogres Are Like Onions

Today I share a piece I wrote nearly a year ago. I was writing about one of my BB's, my Born Belief, which is at the core of our existence. This core is not unlike the universally accepted core values held by religions, societies, organizations, movements etc. My BB (baby, born belief), Modern B*a*g Ladies, simply applies my own language to express this core that connects us all. With the utmost sincerity I tell you that coming back to your core is the most exhilarating and hardest undertaking one can pursue.

Life, people, and mostly our own negative thoughts apply (buried beliefs) many layers (bought & borrowed beliefes) over our core. You have one. Its in there. You know when you've reached it. It's that OH Yes feeling. When you find that place, no matter the timing or length, it's a washing of warmth and knowing. Note the actions that lead you there and repeat the action. This is where a journal or audio recorder comes in handy, as the mind can be cluttered making ti difficult to recall.
From this core we must have the courage to venture out and travel as well. It is the hard part of discovering your core and learning its purpose outside of it.

I'm high. I'm low. I'm high. I'm low. I'm fast. I'm slow. I'm in. I'm out. I'm in. I'm out. I whisper. I shout. I'm happy. I'm sad. I'm glad. I'm mad. I thrive. I survive. I'm left. I'm right.

Maybe my hormones are out of whack. WHERE DID MY MIDDLE GROUND GO? Is that the wishy washy place to be? Ugh, I am so confused. Lordy, I almost feel like I'm having an adult case of adolescent mood swings along with the rest of America.

A Place Of Extremes......

If the media is a reflection of how America is doing (questionable at times) we are becoming a nation of extremes. The hope President Obama choruses over the air waves, yet predators ready to pounce at the first sign of failure. His stimulation plan not received well by Republicans and everyone is ready to write off bipartisan forever. The whole notion of the permanency of anything, whether for the good or the bad. The middle ground just doesn't seem to be the "COOL" place to be these days.

As I wallowed in a state of confusion over my middle ground, preparing this week's newsletter I arrived at this conclusion...

"If I were a tree, standing tall and straight, I will allow myself to yield to the winds that pull me from left to right, from this extreme to the next. My yielding, centered by my core, is not due to a force that bends me. It is a a graceful yielding motivated by innocence and wonderment. I lean to understand. I lean to observe. I come back to my "middle" to reflect. As I lean to and fro I maintain my young flexibility. The winds will not break me. The winds will teach me."

Our trees are trees weathering a formative storm today. It will require us to be flexible and sometimes yielding. If I insist on being rigid in my core (middle) I may break. Gracefully we must yield, yet always returning to our core. The time spent at the core is not important. It's only important that you have it and know your way back.

Finally I realize that I have not lost my middle ground. It only feels that way because my stays are shorter, but always within sight.

I think this hard rock Dancing B*a*g Lady just tried on the leotard of an interpretive dancer.

Be Strong. Be Graceful. Be Flexible. Be an Interpretive Dancer?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Talking with my Sisters Video Series - Traveling Sanctuary Passengers

My son Gavin joins us in this episode. He added quite a bit of color to the topic. Enjoy! Like we always say , "Have Fun because it is!"

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sisterhood Giving Spirit in a Very Unflattering Pair of PJ's

The giving spirit of one sister (in-law) fuels the innate giving spirit of another. Let's fuel each other with stories and taking Action. It's the most eco-friendly, infinately renewable fuel source.

(Don't know why this is so blurry, but it is my first episode in my new video series.)

Share your giving spirit with Traveling Sanctuary Project How do you show your giving spirit? Why do your sisters love to hang with you?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Bag Full of B*a*g Book Notes

If you're like me you generally read stuff based on your friends and family recommendations. I haven't posted B*a*g Book Notes in a while, so I want to cover 3 great books I've read in recent months. I frame my experience with books in the terms of Modern B*a*g Ladies lingo and philosophies. You can't go wrong with these jewels.

Coming of Age in Mississippi by Anne Moody provided a lesson in how fear colors people's worlds. When I say "color" I mean literally colors their world a definite black and a definite white.

Anne Moody's autobiography describes her awareness and acknowledgment of the fear that surrounded her in a very matter of fact way. In many ways, she shreds fear with her anger towards it. She took her baggage and turned into B*a*g (believe act go) in a defiante way, maybe the only way in her circumstance.
I have no doubt that the only way to have survived the depth of prejudice in Mississippi was to have faith in God, together as a community which easily came together within the four walls of their sanctuaries, but not so easily out in the open. They were encased in the thick murkiness of fear. The ultimate legacy of abuse. I'm amazed anybody could have broken free. I recommend reading this book, so you can travel into a world of understanding, compassion and empathy. You will be inspired to take a stand for your beliefs, that you were born to express and defend.

The Help by Kathyrn Stockett is a novel that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. As with Coming of Age in Mississippi, it was a book sent to me by my sister-in-law, Carmen, who also gave me a three page list of book recommendations. SWEET!

This book sits in Mississippi as well and during the same era, which made for in interesting comparison between fact and fiction. Nothing is made from nothing. Kathyrn Stockett grew up in Mississippi and drew from her experiences to write this novel.

The story covers, as with any good story, the full range of spreading joy, shredding joy, shredding fear, spreading fear, having fun and not having fun. It stretches suspense throughout the whole story and in many different settings. I never wanted to put this book down and had me telling the story to friends and family.

Kathyrn Stockett has guts and grace all at the same time. I love that combination in a writer. By the way, anytime you tell your own story from a place of honestly and sincerity you can't go wrong.

Now for my latest read. Searching for Angela Shelton by Angela Shelton. First I watched the documentary and read the book within 2 days of watching the documentary.
Finding Angela Shelton is a memoir of courage, survival and faith. It is the journey of a young woman who discovers herself in the stories of other women who share her same name and coincidentally share experiences of violence and abuse that plagued her own childhood. Through her physical journey across the country she is thrust into her own emotional journey. She embraces each woman she meets, is strengthened by their connections, confronts the father that molested her, and ultimately finds faith, divine purpose, and wholeness.
All I can say is that you need to go to Angela Shelton's website and soak it in. This lady is real as it gets. She's funny, smart and somebody you can relate to. You know there are certain times in your life that you instantly know you are a loyal supporter. I'm there and will sing her praises and everything she stands for. What I wish for you is that you find those few things in your life that you are certain about, that touches the core of you.

Angela gets the cart before the horse, which thrusts her into having faith. This is a common thread with another amazing women I adore and know. Her name is Terry Grahl, Founder of Enchanted Makeovers, a nonprofit that transforms shelters into places of peace and possibility for women and children. Hey, it's an inclusive sisterhood and everyone is welcome. Let's guide each other with joy. And you know what they say about joy. It can not coexist with violence. It's like Angela says, "Just live a joyful life." It's that simple, really! Seek it out.
Growing up I did not read, but it's never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. Traveling the world from my bed, easy chair and bench, waiting for my son to finish hockey practice, is a gift. I find my soul on these trips. AH, its heavenly.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Wrong Left Turn Leads to Detroit

January 17, 2009 I stood in front of approximately 15 women and proclaimed, "I am pretty sure there is a trip in my future involving a truck and a Uhaul trailer traveling to Detroit MI." I knew it to be a true statement, as I had become accustom to this knowing feeling months prior, a peaceful certainly without knowing the steps in between the proclamation and the actual arrival.

Two years before the proclamation I had a hysterectomy and two years leading up to the surgery I basically felt like crap, which is how any working mother is suppose to feel right? I wasn't a very happy person and was exhausted ALL THE TIME. Funny thing about your body, it usually keeps sending you the signals until you either pay attention or die. I finally went to the doctor, which led to the hysterectomy, which led to me driving 665 miles to Detroit MI nearly 3 years later.

What I didn't know during those 6 weeks at home on medical leave was that there was a woman in Detroit at the very same time preparing to set out on a journey of self discovery, not dissimilar to my own. She was born to enchant the world with her decorating. As a result of searching during my medical leave, I decided to stage homes as a way to venture out of my corporate job on the way to discovering my purpose. Hey, each leg of your journey has to start somewhere.

Well along the way my journey as a home stager I took a left turn. Yah, I'm sure it was a left not a right turn. I had started to write, which eventually turned into a blog. Hey, I had stuff to share with myself. Well, 4 months into my public writing career that woman in Detroit commented on my blog. The date was October 15, 2008, which is a new kind of anniversary for me. I went to her world on the web and I had that knowing feeling. My logical brain had to first make the connection with her decorating to my home staging, which I had left along side the road by this time. It had served it's purpose, or so I had thought. My brain thought this women in Detroit, who transformed women's shelters into places of peace and possibility, needed my home decor items that I no longer needed. WRONG! Oh how a wrong can be so right.

The wonders of technology failed on my first attempt to email her, but a few months later I saw her comment on another blog. BINGO! I successfully emailed her and a few hours later we were talking on the phone and a few weeks after that I was standing in front of 15 women telling them that I would be driving to Detroit pulling a Uhaul trailer. At the time I thought I would be hauling my home decor items. WRONG! What I did transport to MI, just a few weeks ago, was 20 hope chests and jewelry boxes, handmade by my father, and 20 quilts handmade by women in Minnesota. These items joined many other handmade items from across the world to transform the bedrooms of 20 abused and neglects girls.

Stuffed inside the short little story I just wrote is a story of me unearthing my born belief that I was put here on this earth to be the Dancing B*a*g Lady, Born to be fuel my own and other's Traveling Sanctuaries. I stop at other Traveling Sanctuaries, to fuel myself, so I can share the fuel with others stranded along side the road. What I have learned is that when you take a wrong left turn on the way to Detroit you better have a full tank.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Terrain of Your Brain - Wow! It's a Trip. Map it!

A simple question led to the fascinating exploration of my mind, the exploration of the terrain of my brain. I asked, "How do you start writing a book?" I was watching Angela Shelton's live stream and she opened it up to questions. Since she is a fabulously talented writer and is funny in the most dorky kind of way, who better to ask, right?

Here was her suggestion, "Read, The Mind Map Book, How to use Radiant Thinking to Maximize Your Brain's Untapped Potential, by Tony Buzan." I ordered it that very day and started to read it the very day it arrived at my door step. Now.... I am accustom to constructing Value Stream Maps as a tool used to conduct business process improvement projects, but often felt bond by a "linear" focus. As you know, any successful business person has a very dominate left brain. Which is a borrowed belief I picked up early in my career. It left me feeling a bit lop-brain sided, stunted and out of balance. Now I am not saying that anybody forced me to buy into this. I limited myself mostly to fit in and to be accepted within a world I shared with some very capable, talented business people.

The book explains how the brain works and ultimately provides you with a mapping tool that allows you to tap into your left and right brain. No more pigeon holing your brain, left or right. HELLO TO MY WHOLE BRAIN. YOUR ARE SOOO CAPABLE AND VAST AND UNIQUE AND COLORFUL AND WELL....... TAKE A LOOK.

You see those two bridges. Guess what? Your left brain can talk to and visit your right brain. Which means they can collaborate and cooperate. Think about your bridges. Have they been out of service because somebody (yourself) has told you that you are left or right brain dominate? Time to open the bridge.
Below is the first exercise in the book, which demonstrates the power of association and how different people are based on their own unique experiences. The first one is mine and the second is my seven year old son's. The central theme is "HAPPINESS". The branches from the ten words are infinate, as well, and so is the power of your brain.
My associations: skip, joy, laugh, cry, warm, silly, smile, friends, family, go lucky
Gavin's associations: joy, play, friends, good grades, no school, parties, tv, building, sports, earning toys

I'll be sharing more about this book as I start using this tool more. There is a book inside me where Chaos and Rules can travel together. I will also use this tool to solve problems, brain storm ideas and plan my work.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

YOUR Rhythmn

Traveling the frontier of my heart, mind and soul, I share my journey. Experience life as if you were writing your own story. Journal your travels. Discover your B*a*g. Saturday 10:20 sitting in a hotel room listening to my mother snore.

I'm sitting here very tired as I reach for inspiration and energy to dead end my brain drain. So desperately wanting to share so much that has happened in the last 2 1/2 days, but realize it must wait until I can assemble these logs while residing in a brain that is well rested. Literally living out my dreams, in my heart and ones I have while sleeping, of becoming a traveling sanctuary gives me cause to P O N D E R and soak in the experience.

As you get out of your comfort zone ( the traveling part) you start to meet the most amazing people, which can cause you to compare yourself to these amazing people. You observe their rhythm, click, clack, ding, zip. She's funny. Oh how her faith drives her through her fear, accomplishing the impossible. She's creative. She's patient. Here's the thing, when you get close enough to where the rubber meets the road and you see how things really do get done, the romance fades. You have a choice at this point, emerge yourself into joining the action or compromising your potential, further burying your born beliefs.

You find your rhythm in the ACTION part. Personally, there is nothing more satisfying than pounding the keys, feeling the HIT that make the words visible. When you get to the end of the page, push hard to the left, zing to the next line. You can continue streaming along or you can pause. YOUR Action story is written one key stroke at a time, at difference speeds and force. Can you hear it? CLICK, CLACK, DING, ZIP, BAM.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Arm Pit Sniffing, Tree Kissing Super Star! (down on one knee, arms in the air)

TIME TO EXERCISE!!! Your well being that is. I know.... I bring up stripping a lot and trust me stripping is good exercise. The reality is that most of us are sooooo good at layering on the negative labels that we need to cleanse often.

You will need to take out a piece of paper and a writing instrument (crayons are welcome).

First, lay your paper landscape and draw lines to make three category columns. Label them, My BAGGAGE, My FUEL and Go to My Dreams. Carry this piece of paper with you for a week.

When you place a label on yourself write it down in either the Baggage (negative self talk) or the Fuel (positive congratulatory talk) category.

To complete the Go to your Dreams category, you will need to tap into the realm of limitless possibilities. Can you go there? Think about what you wanted to be when your were young. New skills you would learn if money and time were not a factor. Think about people you admire. What do they do that resonate with your born beliefs that you wish you could tap into. Pull out those buried labels you were born with and are the core of you.

Reflect on your list at the end of the week. Only you really know what it means, but just being aware of the labels we place on ourselves allow us to make sense of them.

This exercise also applies to our awareness of putting labels on others. Let's not limit others with the labels we place on them.

Here's my list from several weeks ago. The Baggage column took an early lead, but the Fuel and Go to your Dreams columns made a huge comeback later in the week.

I read the Baggage label and cancelled them out with a counter acting Fuel label. Here's a partial list.

Late Night Person cancels out Non Morning Person
Distracted Dreamer cancels out Disorganized
Clothes Folder YAH cancels out Poor Housekeeper
Good Mother cancels out Bad Mother
Prayerful cancels out Fearful
Doer cancels out Fearful
Prayerful cancels out Angry
Capable cancels out Poor Money Manager

Here are some leftovers:

Happy #2
Good Friend
In Pain

Now for the Go to your Dreams List:

Super Star (in that Molly Shannon kind of way), highly sought out key note speaker, author, columnist, dancer, radio show host.

All of the labels in the Fuel column will help me Go to my Dreams. Doer, Capable, Prayerful and Expressive match up very nicely with these new labels.

Which Baggage Labels did not have a counter label?

In Pain and Tired. This is where I am out of balance. I need more sleep, exercise and a better diet. My chronic back pain would probably get better with the sleep, exercise and weight loss. Stretching and yoga would also help my pain.

This exercise reminds me that the answers are not in the answers, they are in the exploring, reflecting and doing part of life. Now stick your fingers under those arm pits, pull them out and sniff. Lunge down on one knee and PROCLAIM it! YOU ARE A SUPER STAR!

P.S. Do you like my new ride? I had to put away the convertible for the winter.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

SING! Won't you? Please!

Traveling the frontier of my heart, mind and soul, I share my journey. Experience life as if you were writing your own story. Journal your travels. Discover your B*a*g. Thursday October 29, 2009, 6:03 PM and supper's not started.

I worked with a gentleman several years ago. He used to pass my desk singing. It gladden my heart and got the UP beat going. One day he stopped singing and never started again. He seemed very sad. I haven't seen him in years, but hope he has started to sing again.

"Keep singing even when you don't know all the words or better yet especially when you don't know all the words." Add a shake, bump and grind just for kicks.

The Dancing BAG Lady sending you some love and joining your choir.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Travel Blog Log - Sunday October 25 2009

Traveling the frontier of my heart, mind and soul, I share my journey. Experience life as if you were writing your own story. Journal your travels. Discover your B*a*g.
Dancing B*a*g Lady Sunday turning to Monday before this post is completed, October 26, 2009
Last night I dreamt I was several pounds lighter. I must have danced my ass off on that Dance Your Ass Off show, but I missed that part of the dream apparently. Instead I fast forwarded to the glory. What the heck was I doing, sleeping at the dream? Probably more like wishful dreaming. "Woman awakens from her dream 30 pounds lighter." It's a miracle!
Actually, the heavy baggage of recent unhealthy choices is finally weighing on my mind enough to where I need to "again" ask myself, "why?", answer myself truthfully, and take some ACTION.
Here's a scary thought, "My first question really isn't a why question, it's a where question that I have been avoiding for months. Where am I starting? The scale doesn't lie and it will scream the truth tomorrow morning. I have my own don't ask, don't tell thing going on in my on head and its a piece of baggage that is somewhere at the bottom of pile. Time to yank it out and let the house of cards fall.
What question haven't you been asking or answering. Keep asking and be curious and brave enough to seek the answers. By the way you can recycle your baggage into B*A*G believe act go.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Top Down. Do Ask. Do Tell.

Modern B*a*g Ladies gives new meaning to traveling with your top down. Show them what you got ladies. Its about sharing your journey and traveling in the truth.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Travel Blog Log - October 21, 2009

Traveling the frontier of my heart, mind and soul, I share my journey. Experience life as if you were writing your own story. Journal your travels. Discover your B*a*g.
Dancing B*a*g Lady Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What if nobody censored their thoughts from spraying out of their mouths? Holy cow THE TRUTH!! Could we handle it?? Hell no. Everybody is so easily offended.

I guess uncensored anger could be bad. We need filters. Or maybe less anger.

I don’t like complicated. I am a simple person. Why do I think that is bad? Somewhere I was sold a borrowed belief that simple meant dumb. Weird how we think we need to be something and somebody else to be good. I wish I was…… I wish I could…. I wish….. I get confused over when I am refining the real me and trying to be something I am not.

How can I get paid for being CRAZY? I’m really good at that. Hmmm?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Catholic Laundromats

Doing laundry this weekend got me thinking about confessionals. You know, Catholic Laundromats*.

I quit frequenting confessionals long before I started getting my laundry good and dirty. "Forgive me father for I have sinned. My last confession was??? Um??? 30 years ago. You better turn on the light and settle in, I've got quite the laundry list. Heck let's get nostalgic and review my last list, but first, forgive me for waiting so long between confesses. I'm told, that in itself, is a sin.

OK here we go....

1. Forgive me for whacking my sister over the head with that green "O-Cedar" broom. I must have hit her pretty hard. I felt really bad when I saw the blood. I immediately was sorry, but I am not sure if I told her so. "O-Cedar makes sisterhood life easier."

2. Forgive me for taking that apple from the refrigerator when Mom said I couldn't eat anything before supper. I was so ashamed I hid under the bed and ate it. I think I know how Adam and Eve must have felt. Dang, The Garden of Eden is that much further out of reach.

3, Forgive me for peeking at my Christmas presents, but Norman Claus kind of has a nice ring to it.

4. Forgive me for punching LuLu Schinberger. We don't have all day so let's just say she was trying to defend her friend Hank, who was getting fresh with me, as fresh as a grade school boy could get. I warned Hank, "If you touch me I'm going to punch you." Its probably wrong, but I was pretty proud of that black eye. I was defending myself. My first real feeling of feminist power, I believe. Power to a girl who can defend herself. I feel pretty lucky I haven't had to defend myself in that way, after that incident.

OK now for the good and dirty laundry. Let's pull out my lists from 1982 to 1999's. Hmm.... let me think about this. I never have stunk up the confessional with this stuff, so what's the point now? For God sakes, I didn't feel guilty about most of those so called sins. I mean, what's a good sin without the guilt to go with it. This sinning thing is a little confusing. There must be categories. I'm thinking I should only bring the category "5's" in here. I always wondered if serious criminals actually went to confession. I'm still wondering.

Hey I know when I've sinned. I've had guilt. I've forgiven (myself). I've asked for forgiveness. I've sincerely apologized. You know we have options when it comes to airing our dirty laundry.

Next time I'm doing laundry here's what I'm going to do.

1. Hold up suspect pieces of clothing in my own daylight.

2. Check for unsightly stains.


4. Wash

5. Dry

6. Wear

7. Repeat if necessary.

8. Stubborn stains may be worn in public or semi-public settings, as long as they belong to you. That's a personal choice.

* No priests were harmed in this blog post. Many have undoubtedly helped others while behind the "curtain". It just really wasn't my thing.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Buried Fears - Awakening The Worse Kind of "not a morning person"

As a child, I recall a feeling of hesitation whenever my mother asked me to wake my dad. He was a night person, not a morning person. He wasn't mean. It just seemed that way because his attempts at speaking resulted in grunting. I'm not a morning person either. I would just as soon stay up half the night and sleep in. I've been known to grunt at people in the morning. I sincerely thought I had said, "good morning" when all they heard was, "(*^%&^%*". I start warming up about 10 am.

From this perspective I know why it takes a trusting, loving person to wake your buried fears. I've stuffed some of my fears deep inside the hallows of my insides. I have crammed them down as far as possible, putting them in this tight little ball, stuff, stuff, stuff. I've done my best to ignore those unkept creatures, but their poison continues to upset my stomach and give me headaches. Pop a TUMS and an ADVIL. Nice little band aid.

I have this certain fear that I've been treating like a mushroom, keeping it in the dark and feeding it, you know what, when MY MOTHER enters the scene. Mom just retired and graciously came to visit for a few weeks. I think she wanted to mother me. She cleaned, did dishes, made supper, picked up the kids from school and found some time for herself. I WAS GRATEFUL, but something interesting happens when a loving person enters your world full time for 2 weeks. THEY SENSE YOUR FEARS AND WANT TO WAKE THEM UP!?!? Let's just hypothetically call this little sleeping GIANT, "parenting my strong willed 7 year old son, who is mommy's little baby and knows how to manipulate mommy's weaknesses".

"Kim, you can't let him treat you that way." That's all it took. "How dare you wake me! You haven't been here. You don't know what I've had to deal with." Now I knew my mom was right and I didn't deny it, yet the fear continued to slumber, grunting and settled back into the darkness for a little while. Let's just say my mom's loving intention kept nudging it in the shoulder. SHAKE SHAKE. Time to get up sleepy head. "Would you leave me alone!!" Mother continues, "GET YOUR BUTT UP NOW!!!" Well it is exactly what I need to start slaying this fear. I'M UP NOW!!

I say all of this to encourage others to seek out your loving support. Sometimes its so scary to wake those fears that we actually deny ourselves this loving attention. Let others be your Traveling Sanctuaries. Together we can wake our fears and get some amazing STUFF done. Before we know it, it's past 10 am and we're having a very joyful time.

"Good Morning!"

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I found Angela Shelton Finding Angela Shelton

Crying in front of huge crowds
Spontaneous Videos
A Book
Award Winning Documentary
Humorous Deep Conversations related to everyday kind of things, including colon cleansing.
Well when Angela Shelton found Angel Shelton she helped others find themselves.
THIS GAL ROCKS!!!! HOLY MOLY! HOLY COW! I'm having some of this milk!

Monday, October 5, 2009

When Women Share It Fuels Many

I spoke at a women's networking event tonight. I spoke about my journey of discovering Modern B*a*g Ladies and how fueling others' dreams is the most eco-friendly, renewable resource we have.

I shared these thoughts on the concept of "Instant Success"

Romanced by Stories of Instant Success

In the hustle and bustle of today’s society we have instant cash machines, instant messaging and instant idols. As I instantly get results from using the search engines to research “instant success”, I come across this website that sells an “Instant Success Package”.
I imagined ordering my Instant Success in a Jar. I imagined getting an empty jar with this label.
Step 1: Save the following items in your jar

• Life Experiences
• A Business Plan
• Open Mind
• Some Mistakes
• etc, etc, etc
Step 2: Shake the contents & spread in a planter
Step 3: Plant Seeds of Passion
Step 4: Keep adding blood, sweat, & tears until something sprouts.

The next time you are sitting around waiting for something magically to happen just remind yourself that you can buy instant this and instant that on the web, but nothing can replace the following the steps above. Trust me I need to remind myself of this. We all know this in our hearts. It can be easy to get romanced by our instant gratification society.

It’s like they think we won’t buy or watch if there is work involved or they go to the other extreme. Many reality shows can’t wait to show you how the road to success is paved with manipulation, lies, rude behavior and beating somebody else to the ground.

Keep taking action and forging ahead. It’s your journey, one step at a time.

The women shared some wisdom:
"When I need to refuel I get together with my girlfriends"
Tell us about your favoriete childhood toy - "Easy Bake Oven"
"I am most proud of my son"
"I truly feel like myself when I am creating a beautiful environment."
"My idea of success is working hard and feeling good about what you are doing. Having a full life .
Tell us about your favorite color - "Pink because it is a healing color and green because it equals cash flow."
"I am most proud of who I have become."
"I believe in God."
"I spread joy by being compassionate and loving to those who I meet."
"I have fun when I am quilting with friends."

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sisters Share Giveaway

Who do you know that is a little crazy?

Who do you know that has a source of infinite love?

Who do you know that deserves a little boost from time to time?

Go to, leave a comment and you might win a great gift.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dont' Deny Yourself of YOUR Fuel

A Dancing BAG Lady just isn't herself without fueling up on some great music. Why would I deny myself of fuel that I know I need. It puts a spring in my step and song in my heart. I feel as if I could conquer all my fears, a female likeness of a young John Travolta.

I carry my Ipod in my Traveling Sanctuary bag. Won't leave home without it, yet lately I haven't been listening. I think to myself how listening to a few songs would do me good and yet I don't do it. Finally today I turned on the tunes. My heart and spirit lifted. AHHHHH!

Its one thing to have a full tank and another to put a spark to that fuel.

I've concluded that I just wanted to wallow in some self pity. Not a good place to be for an extended amount of time. Thank goodness I kept my music with me, so when I finally pushed my ego aside I could make a speedy escape.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Multitasking- Yah Right!

Ever watch a movie and read a book at the same time? Well of course NOT!!!! We shouldn't be paying the bills, making supper, folding clothes AND listening to our family all at the same time either because it CAN NOT, I repeat CAN NOT be done. Traveling Sanctuaries need to stop for fuel. Stop and tune into what's going on around you.
Multitasking??? Yah Right and I've got a device I can sell you that allows your brain to independently think about multiple things at the same time. Quality trumps quantity every time.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Haven't Stripped In a While

Ok I am checking my math, but um..... yes I think I am correct. I graduated high school 23 years ago this last May. Reconnecting with your high school classmates through Facebook can make one drift back a bit, especially when there are many you haven't seen since that day.
The labels we put upon ourselves and others seem frozen in time. You go about your new life. Some go to college, others marry. We may have pasted new labels over the old only to resurface again perhaps. You lose track.
I reminisce of times when the only label we knew was "friend"! Without the labels we hunted frogs, ate cheerios with chocolate chips, had our own spaghetti eating contests (without utensils), learned to dance in the basement, circled together and cheered before games, had sleep overs on the tramp and in the camper.
Sure we had our spats and immature actions, but "friend" screams louder.
As I age, I find it necessary to strip myself and others of labels and return to my frog hunting, spaghetti eating, dancing, cheering FRIEND. Its a label that covers in all the right places and flatters all figures.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Room to Grow

We planted these at the camper in May. I watered them only 2 - 3 times during the summer. Reminds me that I should give my children a bit more room to grow without me hoovering over them. They will flourish as I keep a watchful eye from a safe distance.


Here's to a wonderful beginning to an Indian Summer.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sleep on It

Sometimes all you can do is sleep on it! As long as I can get out of bed the next morning I'm doing OK.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Bears, Butterflies and the Power of the Feminine

What did you like the best at the zoo? "The bears, because they were right in front of us playing in the water, growling. They were so big and their teeth...." Surprisingly Paige proclaim, "The cows." Why? "I got to pet them." "Mom, you don't have to tell us what you liked the best. We already know." For which I replied, "I know, I LOVED the butterfly exhibit."

From bears to butterflies, a trip to the zoo yesterday, got me thinking about how power can be defined. The bear's power was one of physical dominance. The butterfly's power was one of captivating presence and attention they draw to our delicate life cycle. We need both types of power in certain measure, but power over others seems to dominate a bit too much these days, I feel.

Feminine does not refer to a gender, but rather the stereotypical traits seen in women; holistic approaches, presence and intuition. Here's how I visualize feminine power.

I awaken Saturday morning with a pile of dishes. Kids are about the house eating cereal and watching some television. I approach the chore of loading the dish washing and washing pots and pans with honor and presence, humming a tune and gazing out the window at some birds. I express my satisfaction in my dish doing accomplishment and smile.

Approaching the dishes as the means to getting on to the next thing would not demonstrate feminine power, but a conquering power as if we need to departmentalize every bit of our lives.

Feminine power has it place whether you're doing dishing, ruling a country or teaching children. You are invited to stand together for all women, fueling the the power of the feminine.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Some of the Best Years of my Life Returning

Sometimes we need to recall times that you were the most joyous and bring it to today. Being on a team of amazing "young" women, who worked hard, had fun and weren't afraid of being themselves is what I need more of these days. You know that feeling when you completely connect with the ball? Well I am just redefining the playing field, the ball and the bat.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kim, Julie & Julia - What's the Point?

From the moment I saw the advertisement for the movie Julie and Julia I was fascinated and captivated. I saw the movie with my girlfriend Friday night. As the movie started I said, "Ok I'll pretend I am Julia Childs and you pretend you are Julie Powell." Sorry to say, but my friends and family will have to listen to me exclaiming, "Bone Appetite" for a few weeks to come. Its my goofball way of reminding myself that I am special.

Julia Childs? A master chef, an author, an artist, a woman, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a collaborator. Julie Powell? A New Yorker, a woman, a wife, a writer, a blogger, a cook, an author. Kim Lampe? A mother, a wife, a woman, a blogger, a friend, a collaborator, a dreamer, a lost soul, found over and over again, a hissing pussy cat, a seriously deep thinking goofball.

Julia got a book deal and her own television show. Julie finished her project, got a book deal and had a movie made about her journey to finding herself. Kim.... (is currently detained by that mom thing. Hang on, I'll be back in......?) Kim took out the garbage, gave some instructions to her daughter on the proper way of decluttering your room, of which does not include scattering your stuff into 3 other rooms including her brother's and parent's bedrooms. Kim looked at piles of dishes in her sink and piles of clothes, washed and not, feeling a bit self critical of her absent housekeeping skills of late, chased her son upstairs, put the left overs in the frig and put on her slippers because her feet were freezing.

Here's my point....

Even though there are books, movies and blogs about people, you never really see everything that entails someone's life. They give you a snippet here and a snippet there. It can make you feel as if they have something "special". Something you don't have.

Now I know what I am about to say is usually reserved for that "special" moment with that somebody who bore you from their loin, but here it goes, "You are special." Why not be committed to sharing that special with the whole world? Keeping it to yourself will surely drive you to insanity. Sharing her specialness is the only way Julia Childs could have shared Julia Childs with the world (you couldn't make up that stuff). Committing to finishing all 500 some recipes in Julia Childs french cookbook in 365 days and blogging about it is how Julie Powell committed to finding her temporarily lost specialness.

Kim Lampe knows she is sharing her specialness with the world when she is laughing, smiling or listening very attentively to somebody else. She's coming to know that when she feels lost she is on the right path. She has yet not to find her better self after a good wonder.

I didn't go to Julie and Julia to steal their special. I went to be inspired to believe that I could find my special with their help. Julia was committed to writing a cookbook on french cooking. It took her over 8 years to write and it was rejected before being published. Julie was committed to finishing her own personal project, with no motive of a book or a movie.

Be committed to your own specialness and respect other's as well. We're in this together ladies! Julie, Julia, Kim, Terry, Jan, Jill, Britni, Terry, Rosi, Karla, Kirsten....

* Kim needed some inspiration to write this post, so she put on the apron you see in the photo above. It took her back that moment when she was being herself (laughing, smiling). Writing about herself in the third person gives her that feeling that she has a published book and a movie about my, I mean her, life. HA!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Can See With My Eyes Closed

Photo taken by 1969 Apollo 12 - Sun emerging from behind the Earth

Shortly after arriving home tonight I retreated to a soak in the tub. My boys (hubby and son) were napping on the couch together. Restless sleep the night prior as we sent our daughter off on a church youth trip to New Orleans 3 AM this morning.

As I soak, I peer out the large window (Don't worry, nothing to see here. I am on the second floor and the window faces the woods) into the storm filled sky. It's raining and the rhythmic sound of raindrops hitting the window is soothing. I close my eyes and in a hue of bright pink I see the silhouette of the window and roof line. I concentrate on the image and realize, "I can see with my eyes closed." I wave my hand in front of my face, 6-9 inches away. The image remains, but the pink, that is the brightness of the sky, becomes dull and gray. As I move my hand closer to my face, the vision, gone.

I ponder on my new found blind vision and recount a conversation with my friend today. It was about how people are attracted to the "LIGHT", without really knowing it is light. Although there are some who purposely block out the light because they do not feel worthy or feel it will shine upon them, revealing their true selves. Even something as bright as the sun can be blocked out. Worse yet is when somebody does everything in their power to steal the light away from others.
When I closed my eyes and saw the silhouette it was the light that made it possible. So I have a choice, be the light or block the light. I will do everything in my power to be the light and shine so bright that allow others to see the light even when their eyes are closed to their worthiness and specialness.

Friday, July 17, 2009

My Best Advice on Giving Advice

Here's the best advice I can give about giving advice, "When you have the urge to give advice, stop and just listen."

Did you hear me? Ok , now I'm listening.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Go Play House

Before Little Tikes Deluxe Kitchen Sets there was my dad the cabinet maker, house builder. Thirty odd years ago, as a young girl my dad made my sister and mini kitchen cabinets with "formica" counter top with upper and lower cabinets.

We played house, tapping into our imagination, never far from our thoughts and vision at this young age. Our house was contained to a corner of our room- maybe only a 6'x6' world. Just imagine how easy it was to keep this area clean.

Preparing to go back home from our camper this weekend I was transported to my years of playing house. The camper, a small contained world of no television or computers gives room for laughter and play. I washed dishes in a "small" sink. I vacuumed carpet with a small handheld dirt devil. I disinfected a small toilet, which makes it harder for boys and men to hit the hole, if you know what I mean.Here's what I know now and knew as a little girl.

PLAY, just PLAY.




I am grateful for everything. I vow to approach my work as if I where playing because when I do it is so satisfying, wonderful where great things emerge.

Now........ for 30 seconds stop what you are doing, close your eyes and remember playing as a child.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dare to Dream a Dream So So BIG

I close my eyes and what do I see? Yellow, red, blue and green. Mostly old- not new. I go to this place to do what some would call work, but we will call it something different. Women "play" here and get paid to do so. We will play hard. We will sweat and toil. We will cry and we will laugh. Our pay comes in many forms, giving and getting. Looks more like a home than a place of "business".

Lunch time.......I can smell it now. Fresh bread, fruit and maybe a treat. We will eat together.

Back to creating things for sale for our happy customers whom we inspire and help. Actually we are our own happy customers. Creating is our own therapy. We together have created a place we want to go and do our deeds.

I believe to the deepest core of my heart this is a true story, as dreams are real as real can be. The beating so loud it drowns out my fear.
I thank Dear Daisy Cottage for bringing an eye to my heart.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Best

It's 1:15 am Eastern time (my 12:15 time at home) and technically its June 26th, but my June 25, 2009 hasn't ended for me.

I am alone in a hotel room in Taylor MI. The first time I ever heard of Taylor MI I had only one vision and that was from the view of a website of a lady who is now a very good friend. I thought Taylor MI had to be the most enchanting magical place on the earth based on the view from her window.

I was on the outside looking into this world. Today I was inside this world and had a role in letting young girls into this enchanting world where anything is possible and the world is safe, hopefully leaving some of their pain for just a moment.

I did my best at hauling boxes, hanging balloons, unpacking boxes, covering chairs with sashes, cutting cake, laughing, washing dishes, sweating, hugs, eating at Red Lobster, sharing stories.

I know why I did my best today. I was doing for others. I was surrounded by the best. I was expected to be the best. You do your best and next thing you know your best just keeps getting better.

Share your best "world" with others. From that perspective Taylor MI is very enchanting and a place where dreams really do come true.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Snowing in June

June 13th ~ 3:00 PM ~ Haycreek Camp Grounds Red Wing MN

The snow has subsided for now as the breeze calms to a faint whisper on my wet brow, dampened by a slight beading of sweat. Just finished mowing the grass at the camper. DANG! Just spilled Diet Coke on my white t-shirt for the second time today.

Alone again. Dad and kids are golfing. Last time I laid my, heavier that I'd like body, on this hammock, I gazed at finches above.

What is it about leaving life at your "house" to "live" at the camper for 2 days. My body only 5 minutes from our "house" and my mind drifts 100's of miles. Actually, light years away, wondering and awing about the universe and how small I am, yet how powerful I am.

The breeze almost gone now. Cottonwood just floats. I smell campfires and grass. I hear birds and children laughing. There goes a howl and a "cook-a-doodle-do". Yes! A campground with roosters.

Now I wonder, "Work my butt off or savor the journey?" I can do both.

Time to swing. Life is good. Thank you God. Snow is picking up again.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Paige and I picked out this cute little salt and pepper shaker set today. LOVE Birds. Lovely little restaurant with cute gifts, Chickadee Cottage. I knew Paige would love it there and we had the best strawberries ever, fresh and in an AWESOME piece of pie we shared. Dad came along as well. What a lovely lunch together, laughing and eating fresh food. These lovely birds will rest on the window sill at the kitchen sink.
They will remind me of the vision Paige paints with her words about how she loves flowers and wants to live in a small modest cozy cottage. I will continue to feed this dream and feel how it will feel when I join her at her cottage for a cup of tea. I will give her these birds on that day. Yes I LOVE birds.




Drawn together by love magnets.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Queen of the Road

Queen of the Road ~ Delicate ~ Wild ~ Resilient

Memories. Touching. Seeing. Feeling. The heart continues the journey. We “press” on with weight to bare. Or we just “hang” around. More Beauty. More Memories.

I await the arrival of these delicate, wild resilient road warriors. They bring back memories as a child with my mother. We pressed and hung queen ann's lace for dried flower arrangements.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Real Important Stuff

Kids spending time with Grandpa.

Paige and Grandma planting flowers together at our new permanent campsite. Next to the new deck hubby and grandpa built.

Gavin making new friends and playing outside.

Helping Others.

Showing my husband how much I appreciate everything he does!
The Memorial Weekend was glorious. We worked hard and had peaceful relaxing moments. We moved our camper to a permanent spot, built a deck along side, hung a hammock, planted flowers and made it like a little home away from home, minus the housework, television and computers. We're going to really like spending time together. I even had a few lucky rolls in Yatzee, but my son said I couldn't yell "YATZEE" anymore.
You know what is really important stuff in your life. Hold it, squeeze it, gaze at it and hold it in your heart. Finally, be grateful. I finished my weekend by watching the bucket list. Carter asked Edward how he would answer these two questions as he approached the pearly gates of heaven, "did you find joy in your life?" and "were you a joy to others"
It's simple and it's important.
Love you!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rarely Asked Questions - Sniff Husband's Underwear?

You're probably wondering what the heck this crazy lady is thinking? Ah yes, my mind has done much thinking today, which will probably be over by the time I finish this post. I have much on my mind today and I feel like sharing, so here we go.

I don't sleep much. I used to have no problem sleeping in after a long day and night. Today was no different than any other these day. 6:30 am; the sun comes up earlier, almost mid-May already. So many meaningful and exciting things to do, so I better hit the ground. A sink full of dirty dishes must be at the top of my list ( I am ashamed to tell you how long they sat). The sink was heaping and let me tell you we have a deep sink. Starting my day with a huge sense of accomplishment. Dishes DONE!

TV really annoys me for the most part, so let's turn on some music. I've turned it up 10 years and have moved from 70's to 80's lately. XM 80's on 8 is turned on with more kitchen duties. Gazing out the kitchen window, a red cardinal appears. ( Excuse me from typing, but our Chihuahua is whining. Stuck in Paige's bathroom again) Ok back to the cardinal, I realize its significance this AM. A group of MI friends are meeting at this very moment. This crimson sign appeared the first time this group of friends talked together on the phone via conference call. I paused and think of my friends.

Dropped Paige at soccer practice to return in an hour. How many fliers can I post about the upcoming event benefiting women and children in shelters in an hour? Well, that would be 10. Red Wing has so many great retail stores. I went into the Christian bookstore. I think I have only been in this store once or twice since moving here 8 years ago. Lovely store. Bought some inspirational cards and a book. Growing up Catholic, I frequented Christian bookstores quite a bit growing up. Where else are you going to buy a gift for all your friends and family as they celebrate their monumental sacraments? First Confession, Communion, Confirmation all deservant of a symbolic cross, lamb, bible etc.
A trip to the mall is planned. Needing a special outfit for a women's conference in Chicago at the end of May. Are we in a recession? Window shoppers? Well, I think it had something to do with graduation, proms and Mother's Day. I saw so many pretty people at the mall. Am I pretty? I have been making an effort lately to have my outward appearance beam the happiness of my insides, so from that regard I was feeling pretty today. I chose a colorful outfit and actually bought heels. Need to give those GERMAN calves a more slender look with the uplift of a heel.

12:09 am and I just got an email from my mom. She's up late tonight. Probably excited about life as well. She's retiring in 90 some days and man is she excited.

On the way to the mall today we passed a younger man standing at a busy intersection. He was holding a sign that reads, "Homeless. Any little bit helps. God Bless." Tall, slender. He had a ankle brace over his jeans. I saw his eyes. They were the saddest eyes I have seen in I don't know how long. Waiting for the light to turn green at the back of the line, I could not see him. Here I am concerned about an outfit for a conference and this man looks as if he just swallowed the biggest lump of pride so he can ask for help. I will pray for this man for some time forward. I saw what was in him through his eyes. Deep suffering so deep it filled him completely.

Well I went to bed and not back again until 8:26 am Mothers Day 2009. Just put the last load of husband's week long dirty clothes in the dryer. He brings them in two bags. I can usually do two loads, lights and darks. Well late last night I thought I would get some laundry done before Mom's day. Fishing through his bags, clean clothes at the bottom? They looked clean but did they smell clean. Yes I sniffed his underwear. Either he is the freshest man on the earth or they were clean. I washed them anyway, which makes the whole sniffing thing unnecessary.

RARELY ASKED QUESTION I DO NOT EXPECT YOU TO ANSWER: Have you ever sniffed clothes to see if they were clean avoiding adding laundry?
Yes it is amazing what we will do to avoid unnecessary work and it also speaks to what unusual things we will do for our loved ones and around our loved ones, especially when you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Friday, May 8, 2009

That Dreaded F Word

It is unfortunate when we allow fear to direct our decisions and actions. When I parent with fear I have that tone in my voice. You know that tone that you hear from other mothers and think to yourself, "Oh my gosh, I am sure I sound like that mother on occasion and I don't like the way that sounds."

Exchange fear for a couple different "f" word, FUEL, FUN AND FAITH. They will help you shred some fear.

I have a dictionary of encouragement. Here are a few more "f" words to savor.

Fabric - Do you wish to be great? Then begin in being. Do you desire to construct a vast and lofty fabric? Think first about the foundations of humility. The higher your structure is to be, the deeper must be its foundation. Saint Austine

Feed - Stop feeding the beast of inaction and eventually it will die of starvation.

A good intention but fixed and resolute - bent on high and holy ends, we shall find means to them on every side and at every moment; and even obstacles and oppression will but makes us "like the fabled specter-ships," which sail the fastest in the very teeth of the wind. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Spread JOY. Shred FEAR. Have FUN.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Project Traveling Sanctuary - UPDATE

It is amazing how much you can get done in a day when you are passionate about your work. Today I worked on getting the material together for an upcoming event on May 23rd in Lake City Minnesota, Project Traveling Sanctuary.

Participating retailers will display this pillowcase banner and a basket with brochures and example of the finished product that will go to the shelters. They will sell tickets and accept donation for the purpose of pillowcase kits.
I have fears that nobody will attend this event, but you know what I can't let this stop me rather it needs to fuel me to do everything I can to make this event a success. Sometimes fear is a good thing. It challenges you to SHRED SHRED SHRED AND GAIN MEGA CONFIDENCE.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I could have said no, but I'm glad I didn't....

Pastor Randy approached me a couple weeks ago and asked if I would help coordinate the kitchen efforts during the banquet for the 9th grade confirmation students. These kids have been on a journey for 2 years in preparation for their confirmation and tonight they gathered for a meal with their families.

I've heard much about the movie "Yes Man" lately and recently watched. Jim Carey's character takes the whole concept of saying "YES" to everything a little far, but ultimately it brought many opportunities into his life he would not have experienced if he had stayed in his "fearful" sheltered life.

OK, back to Pastor Randy's request. Just for a brief second after the request was made I ran through all the reasons I "couldn't" help. It wasn't that I couldn't. The question I had to ask myself was, "Am I willing?" Of course I COULD help coordinate a kitchen. For gosh sakes I coordinate a household every day. For just a brief second excuses flashed before me and within a split second I said, "I can do that."

Little did I know at the time, that Pastor Randy was training 2 more parish members that he could ADD to his "trained" kitchen disciplines. I am sure I will get another request in the future.

Serving others is GOOD. It brings meaning to my life and besides I do I like to boss and direct people around (nicely of course).

I could have said no, but I'm glad I didn't. So next time you have a twitch of NO, maybe you should say YES!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How High Can You Stack Your Baggage?

Old luggage has a certain charm don't you think. Clunky, heavy, bright to bland colors. Gosh no wheels, what's up with that. You want me to carry my luggage? You know maybe they were on to something back then.
If you had to carry your heavy, clunky baggage, well you just might think about what you were carrying around with you. There would be no denying that you had baggage. You couldn't deny the hurt it was causing you by lugging it around.
Too many times we give our baggage wheels and a nice sleek handle. Oh look at me frolicking through the airport of my life. I don't have any problems. My life is so nice. And while you are off denying your baggage it is happily multiplying like rabbits (see the first picture).
Just acknowledge it for what it is and find ways to recycle it into your B*a*g (believe act go).
I think a few vintage bags are way more stylish than a new sleek bag with wheels and a stylish handle anyway.