Saturday, November 14, 2009

YOUR Rhythmn

Traveling the frontier of my heart, mind and soul, I share my journey. Experience life as if you were writing your own story. Journal your travels. Discover your B*a*g. Saturday 10:20 sitting in a hotel room listening to my mother snore.

I'm sitting here very tired as I reach for inspiration and energy to dead end my brain drain. So desperately wanting to share so much that has happened in the last 2 1/2 days, but realize it must wait until I can assemble these logs while residing in a brain that is well rested. Literally living out my dreams, in my heart and ones I have while sleeping, of becoming a traveling sanctuary gives me cause to P O N D E R and soak in the experience.

As you get out of your comfort zone ( the traveling part) you start to meet the most amazing people, which can cause you to compare yourself to these amazing people. You observe their rhythm, click, clack, ding, zip. She's funny. Oh how her faith drives her through her fear, accomplishing the impossible. She's creative. She's patient. Here's the thing, when you get close enough to where the rubber meets the road and you see how things really do get done, the romance fades. You have a choice at this point, emerge yourself into joining the action or compromising your potential, further burying your born beliefs.

You find your rhythm in the ACTION part. Personally, there is nothing more satisfying than pounding the keys, feeling the HIT that make the words visible. When you get to the end of the page, push hard to the left, zing to the next line. You can continue streaming along or you can pause. YOUR Action story is written one key stroke at a time, at difference speeds and force. Can you hear it? CLICK, CLACK, DING, ZIP, BAM.

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