Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Terrain of Your Brain - Wow! It's a Trip. Map it!

A simple question led to the fascinating exploration of my mind, the exploration of the terrain of my brain. I asked, "How do you start writing a book?" I was watching Angela Shelton's live stream and she opened it up to questions. Since she is a fabulously talented writer and is funny in the most dorky kind of way, who better to ask, right?

Here was her suggestion, "Read, The Mind Map Book, How to use Radiant Thinking to Maximize Your Brain's Untapped Potential, by Tony Buzan." I ordered it that very day and started to read it the very day it arrived at my door step. Now.... I am accustom to constructing Value Stream Maps as a tool used to conduct business process improvement projects, but often felt bond by a "linear" focus. As you know, any successful business person has a very dominate left brain. Which is a borrowed belief I picked up early in my career. It left me feeling a bit lop-brain sided, stunted and out of balance. Now I am not saying that anybody forced me to buy into this. I limited myself mostly to fit in and to be accepted within a world I shared with some very capable, talented business people.

The book explains how the brain works and ultimately provides you with a mapping tool that allows you to tap into your left and right brain. No more pigeon holing your brain, left or right. HELLO TO MY WHOLE BRAIN. YOUR ARE SOOO CAPABLE AND VAST AND UNIQUE AND COLORFUL AND WELL....... TAKE A LOOK.

You see those two bridges. Guess what? Your left brain can talk to and visit your right brain. Which means they can collaborate and cooperate. Think about your bridges. Have they been out of service because somebody (yourself) has told you that you are left or right brain dominate? Time to open the bridge.
Below is the first exercise in the book, which demonstrates the power of association and how different people are based on their own unique experiences. The first one is mine and the second is my seven year old son's. The central theme is "HAPPINESS". The branches from the ten words are infinate, as well, and so is the power of your brain.
My associations: skip, joy, laugh, cry, warm, silly, smile, friends, family, go lucky
Gavin's associations: joy, play, friends, good grades, no school, parties, tv, building, sports, earning toys

I'll be sharing more about this book as I start using this tool more. There is a book inside me where Chaos and Rules can travel together. I will also use this tool to solve problems, brain storm ideas and plan my work.

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