Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We Interrupt this Blogcast......

Link14 days into my blogcast interruption. April 28th BLOGGING BREAK IS OVER BUT MY FOCUS ON MY PATH IS NOT! Amazing things have happened in the past 2 weeks. Can't wait to share starting tomorrow. The power of unity, caring and love for each others can move mountains and hearts. I am a witness. I am changed for life.

I See You. I See Me.
Pass the Buck. What the Cluck
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Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Reason to surround yourself with people you admire - Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan challenged his readers to write a quick blog post about the importance of story in our lives. It's so like him to give a call to action and is one reason I follow him. You need people like that in your life, whether that be on the web or in person. Funny thing is that I did this "assignment" many months ago, which goes to show that the most important thing to do is to start creating your body of work even when you are not aware of where each piece will fit together. I refer to a dream in this post, which was a symbol of how critical we can be of ourselves. Some time later, I had another dream. A crowd of people where gathered in a small community hall. The windows were open. It was a beautiful spring day. All at once every person turned their heads and ears towards the open windows. Smiles formed upon their lips. A beautiful song could be heard.

January 5, 2009 - When you view your life as a story it becomes magical, even when it doesn't bring a happy ending. It's the magic of purpose, awareness, understanding, connectedness. To tell is to listen. To listen is to tell. "Life, I'm listening."

So you see, my purpose is to tell stories and it is so freaking FUN! I have given myself permission to view the world with a young. hopeful heart and mind. I have given myself permission to be truthful, honest and open. I have given myself permission to be myself, while realizing my inner critic can be as harsh as Simon Cowell. I actually came to myself in my dream, disguised as Simon Cowell, just so I could tell myself my writing stunk. This proved to me that we are our harshest critics.

So I say, "Simon Cowell, stick it up you know where" and I will continue to wake up saying, "Good morning world, what will I write about today?"

I journal, post on my blog and write a weekly newsletter, which would be quite the surprise to Mr. Wilkerson, the toughest English teacher in southeast Iowa's tri-county area.

So what's Kim's point today? Blah blah blah, get to the point. Even if you can't quite find the time to journal, don't want to start a blog or don't have a fan base that you fantasize soaks up every single word of your newsletter (a girl's gotta dream), you should view your life like you are required to share it through the written word. Why? Because when you are looking for material you have to be open, aware. You start to see the thread that connects the dots. You again view the world through your children's eyes. Besides story telling is fun even when you're reading silently to yourself.

Honestly, I write for me and I hope you get some enjoyment from it as well. And Mr. Wilkerson, I give myself an "A" for this post.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Modern B*a*g Lady Truth #6

Your #1 job is to help other people be successful because you sure in the "H" "E" DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS (well maybe oars in this case) can't do all this "stuff" by yourself.

Seriously folks, think about it. Where does this truth not apply? I challenge you to think of one area in life that is not about helping others succeed. For example, the hard working person that picks up your garbage from he curb each week is helping you succeed by clearing your creative space (your home or business) from clutter and filth. You therefore can be be productive and creative. Challenge me on this one and leave a comment.

I'm reading this awesome book by Tom Peters, The Little Big Things, 163 Ways To Pursue Excellence. Actual it's more like a travel guide I will have with me at all time in my Traveling Sanctuary B*a*g. Where doesn't excellence apply? And what is Tom Peters doing with this book, but if not helping others succeed. I don't care if you are a mom home schooling your precious children or the "head cheese in charge" of a billion dollar company, excellence matters. So, I say this book is for everyone. I'm saying so because I want you to succeed in whatever your heart desires.

Here's Tom's thoughts on the subject of what I believe to be Your #1 Job. "The "business" of leaders at all levels is to help those in their charge (like the person in charge of your garbage) develop beyond their dreams- which in turn almost automatically leads to "all that other stuff," such as happy customers, happy stock-holders, happy communities."

Universal Truth: You are a leader to someone. (How are you doing?)

Friday, April 2, 2010


I shall not live without music.

It seeps into my pores.

(1)The beat, I See.
(2)The beat, I Hear.
(3)The beat, I Feel.
(4)The beat, I Taste.
(5)The beat, I Smell.
1 - 2 -3 - 4 - 5
Music is the 6th

Dance in my head. Dance in my seat. Dance on the floor. Dance on the table. DANCE.

I shall not live without music.

Singer, songwriters, who don't do it for the fame but may accept it just the same, consider this a nod from across from the room. Our eyes meet and you know what you mean to me. It pours in. I dance through life. I am rich. Sometimes I cry. I will never be the same.

Inspired by Chad Elliott. Please visit his website.