Saturday, January 2, 2010

"Mom, You're a Dork!" We Have Proof.

This is what I hear from children who have a sick sense about things, "Mom, you're a dork." We should listen to our children more and embrace their wisdom.
Yes, when I embrace my dorkiness I am being led by my purpose. I am the happiest when I'm the Dorky Dancing B*a*g Lady. I do find myself thinking to myself from time to time, "I wish I could be more like this lady or that lady." I do know several amazing ladies. I know they are amazing because they let is show and aren't trying to be some other amazing lady. Let's be inspired and motivated by them to be ourselves, rather than wishing we were them.
Just as we make poor imitations of men, we make poor imitations of other women. Honestly, when I preview my Talking with my Traveling Sanctuary Videos, before posting them, I say to myself, you should have been more yourself, which means I should have been more dorky.
Here's proof that I can unleash the dork and a reminder to fuel the dork.
My daughter doesn't like to admit it, but she's a dork just like her mother. Sometimes we do the most fun kind of Dork Dances together. Not literally a dance, but more of an improvisational dork show. We have our dork voices. I wish she would let me video tape these moments, but I respect her privacy. I will nurture her dork in a non-obvious kind of way.
Be aware of those "Oh Yes" moments and note what you are doing when they happen. Its the YES from inside not the yes from outside forces. Those are YOUR dorky moments. Embrace them and repeat them.
I am woman. I will be a dork!

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