Thursday, December 18, 2008

Duh-um - Dazing into Space

I just realized that I called myself dumb in my title. I'll just go with it and chalk it up to laughing at myself.

Today I was at my day job, having an uninspired moment, staring at the picture on the wall in front of me. You know those stares that your eyes feel like they are crossing but you're not sure if they really are crossed.

A unassuming shy gentlemen walked into my office. I'm sure he wasn't expecting to see DUH-UM Kim all cross eyed and everything. He probably thought I was on drugs or something. One second motivated full of energy, the next DUH-UM.

Do you suppose he told his wife when he got home about the weird lady at work? Doubtful, but I'm telling you about it. What a Duh....UM post. Oh well just being me. I'm actually enjoying what I think is a mid life crisis.


Just Me... said...

I'm enjoying my 'crisis' too, although mine is alittle scary at times... I am scaring myself!

Have a great day!

S I L V E R L I G H T said...

I can totally relate! And that drawing is perfect, makes your point very well!

cindy said...