Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Picture of "I'm" Perfection

Much is being said about Oprah "coming out" with her weight gain. You know, we've all been noticing it for a little while now. It was especially apparent after watching a re-run of one of her shows lately. Did I think any less of her? "NO!"

In a weird twisted way I was glad. It made me feel like I could do anything and I didn't have to appear to be or be PERFECT. I have actually given up that illusion a long time ago, in theory, but in my tricky little mind (no, let's rephrase, "big and beautiful brain) images of perfection linger. Ah ha I got it, now my BBB (big beautiful brain) matches my BBBBB (big beautiful body, boobs & butt).

OK now I'm really going to go out on a limb here a let you in on a little secret. I have something in common with Oprah. We both weigh 200 lbs. I think I am little taller than Oprah, but if I can carry 200 lbs (metaphorically) as well as she does I guess it's not so bad. On a more serious note, I am on round 4 of up and down weight gain and loss. I had held off my last 20 lbs for over a year which is quite an accomplishment for me. And its not really about the weight its about my health. I pray I can do better in this category.

Young ladies these days seem so obsessed with their bodies. A product of society, media and grown ladies' influences. I hope I can be a good example for my daughter and her young friends, even at 200 lbs. This is a picture of my daughter. She does some cool things with her photoshop. Her and her friends take so many picture of themselves. I guess I would have too if I had had a digital camera back then?????

Let's turn Imperfection into I'm perfection no matter what shape or size. I'm perfection within my strengths. I'm perfection even while in my imperfection. I'm perfection without striving for perfection. I'm perfection when I am ME!


Gabrielle said...

I have four kids, of late they ar noticing and commenting on imperfection. It's a precarious line to walk. I want them to love how God made them, but also make healthy choices. Thanks for the great post.

Chic Gal said...

My daughter seems to be more aware of being "too tall" than the other kids in her class. Funny thing is...she isn't even close. Weird, huh?

Stephanie said...

I gave up on being perfect a while back, too. :) I'm glad I finally realized that even I can't live up to those expectations, lol.

Great post! I'm now following your blog. Thanks for sharing on my blog!

Have a Beautiful Night!

PopArtDiva said...

I'm nearly 60 and I have to tell you that I decided many years ago to quit obsessing about my weight. I had spent too many years being unhappy with myself because of "extra pounds".

I'm perfect as me - if me has a big butt and can't wear a size 2, then so be it. I'm more fun to be around now because I'm happier with my life - I'm happier because I decided that my weight was not a priority in my life anymore.