Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Modern B*a*g Lady Lingo - 101

Modern B*a*g Ladies is a sisterhood as much as it is an Attitude (that's with a capital A). Its all about taking your B*A*G (Believe Act Go) on the road, so grab your keys (spreading joy, shredding fear, having fun), crank up the tunes and go lady go!

It's all in the B*a*g!

Ok, you have your..............

Baggage that needs to be dropped off or recycled into fuel for your B*a*g Traveling Sanctuary.

B*a*g Age - the ages and times in your life that you connect with as being your true self.

B*a*g Gauges - being aware of your fuel level and your speed so you don't run out of fuel, which results in your getting outside of yourself and pushing yourself uphill. Very tiring!

Getting Your B*a*g On - Being yourself.

My B*a*g isn't always Her B*a*g - accepting others as they are, looking for their goodness and reflecting their goodness back at them.

MBL are eco-friendly, body and spirit, so ................... see that link just to the right? Subscribe to our weekly Traveling Sanctuary Newsletter and claim your weekly source of Eco-friendly fuel. You'll be spreading joy, shredding fear and having fun, which are the keys to your Traveling Sanctuary, so you will need this nice new key chain sent to you compliments of Modern B*a*g Ladies. It will be your reminder to check your gauges and fuel up.

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Gabrielle said...

This is an awesome movement! I look forward to exploring it and I'm excited to see what 2009 has in store!