Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Housework is Never Done

**Newsflash ** Newsflash**
*****Attention all family members inhabiting the Lampe domain we call a home*****
In an attempt to eliminate all housework we will adopt the following rules of engagement.....
  1. Air will be our only source of nourishment as not to dirty a dish or create any waste required to be hauled out as trash.
  2. We can no longer wear clothing that could be soiled, so therefore we must remain in our own domain as not to be arrested for indecent exposure.
  3. We will sleep standing up so not to soil bedding.
  4. A huge bubble will be constructed around our home sealing off all dirt and dust.
  5. We can not exit this bubble hence being contaminated with outside dirt, which could be carried into our bubble.
  6. Personal hygiene, now that my be a tricky one. I guess no showers, shaving or brushing our teeth. Can't be dirtying any vessels with soap scum, toothpaste or whiskers. Hmm, consuming air probably eliminates, elimination.

Hey as much I dislike housework and dislike more that it is the never ending story, let's just face it, "The dirt, trash, soap scum and sweat is worth the living of our lives". The day the housework ends is the day our life has ended.

As I climb the stairs, littered with stuff, I will take one thing at a time and put it back in its place. As I wash each dish I will feel blessed that we have been nourished with the food place upon it. As I wash each piece of clothing I will be reminded of the the worthy work we did that day. As I suck up dirt with my very lovely Kirby I am happy to be getting much needed exercise.

Now go live your life, get dirty, do the housework and enjoy it damn it! Oh ya, ask for help!


Just Me... said...

Hilarious! But true!

Over The Top Aprons said...

So true, people make messes but without the mess there are no people. I am with you I will enjoy the people and live with the mess!

Dr. Pamela Rutledge said...

So true! Asking for help is definitely a good idea!

Gabrielle said...

TELL ME ABOUT IT!!! Just when I get it all done, I have to start over!

marie*jolie said...

I saw a tv show once where this big family had built a house that was designed to be really easy to clean. If only we could all afford to do this! (especially the toilets, because *seriously*, raising three boys and having one hubby is just SCARY when it comes to toilets).But like you said, I'm grateful for messes to clean up, because that means that I have people I love that live here.

Dancing B.A.G. Lady said...

I know. I just was thinking to myself, "I just cleaned this toilet yesterday?"

I wrote a special post about my 6 year old and his less than steller tiolet etiquette.

Sas said...

I love the notion of appreciating the work it took to get the clothes dirty and to be grateful for what's on your plate! I never have quite thought of cleaning up in this way before ... although I have come to the point where I try to enjoy the time when I am doing it. It doesn't always work and sometimes I care more about my house than other times. Thanks for visiting my blog too! Strangely I had just been looking at 29-Days of Giving and I hadn't been there for months ... hmmm. Hello from Minneapolis.