Thursday, October 29, 2009

SING! Won't you? Please!

Traveling the frontier of my heart, mind and soul, I share my journey. Experience life as if you were writing your own story. Journal your travels. Discover your B*a*g. Thursday October 29, 2009, 6:03 PM and supper's not started.

I worked with a gentleman several years ago. He used to pass my desk singing. It gladden my heart and got the UP beat going. One day he stopped singing and never started again. He seemed very sad. I haven't seen him in years, but hope he has started to sing again.

"Keep singing even when you don't know all the words or better yet especially when you don't know all the words." Add a shake, bump and grind just for kicks.

The Dancing BAG Lady sending you some love and joining your choir.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Travel Blog Log - Sunday October 25 2009

Traveling the frontier of my heart, mind and soul, I share my journey. Experience life as if you were writing your own story. Journal your travels. Discover your B*a*g.
Dancing B*a*g Lady Sunday turning to Monday before this post is completed, October 26, 2009
Last night I dreamt I was several pounds lighter. I must have danced my ass off on that Dance Your Ass Off show, but I missed that part of the dream apparently. Instead I fast forwarded to the glory. What the heck was I doing, sleeping at the dream? Probably more like wishful dreaming. "Woman awakens from her dream 30 pounds lighter." It's a miracle!
Actually, the heavy baggage of recent unhealthy choices is finally weighing on my mind enough to where I need to "again" ask myself, "why?", answer myself truthfully, and take some ACTION.
Here's a scary thought, "My first question really isn't a why question, it's a where question that I have been avoiding for months. Where am I starting? The scale doesn't lie and it will scream the truth tomorrow morning. I have my own don't ask, don't tell thing going on in my on head and its a piece of baggage that is somewhere at the bottom of pile. Time to yank it out and let the house of cards fall.
What question haven't you been asking or answering. Keep asking and be curious and brave enough to seek the answers. By the way you can recycle your baggage into B*A*G believe act go.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Top Down. Do Ask. Do Tell.

Modern B*a*g Ladies gives new meaning to traveling with your top down. Show them what you got ladies. Its about sharing your journey and traveling in the truth.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Travel Blog Log - October 21, 2009

Traveling the frontier of my heart, mind and soul, I share my journey. Experience life as if you were writing your own story. Journal your travels. Discover your B*a*g.
Dancing B*a*g Lady Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What if nobody censored their thoughts from spraying out of their mouths? Holy cow THE TRUTH!! Could we handle it?? Hell no. Everybody is so easily offended.

I guess uncensored anger could be bad. We need filters. Or maybe less anger.

I don’t like complicated. I am a simple person. Why do I think that is bad? Somewhere I was sold a borrowed belief that simple meant dumb. Weird how we think we need to be something and somebody else to be good. I wish I was…… I wish I could…. I wish….. I get confused over when I am refining the real me and trying to be something I am not.

How can I get paid for being CRAZY? I’m really good at that. Hmmm?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Catholic Laundromats

Doing laundry this weekend got me thinking about confessionals. You know, Catholic Laundromats*.

I quit frequenting confessionals long before I started getting my laundry good and dirty. "Forgive me father for I have sinned. My last confession was??? Um??? 30 years ago. You better turn on the light and settle in, I've got quite the laundry list. Heck let's get nostalgic and review my last list, but first, forgive me for waiting so long between confesses. I'm told, that in itself, is a sin.

OK here we go....

1. Forgive me for whacking my sister over the head with that green "O-Cedar" broom. I must have hit her pretty hard. I felt really bad when I saw the blood. I immediately was sorry, but I am not sure if I told her so. "O-Cedar makes sisterhood life easier."

2. Forgive me for taking that apple from the refrigerator when Mom said I couldn't eat anything before supper. I was so ashamed I hid under the bed and ate it. I think I know how Adam and Eve must have felt. Dang, The Garden of Eden is that much further out of reach.

3, Forgive me for peeking at my Christmas presents, but Norman Claus kind of has a nice ring to it.

4. Forgive me for punching LuLu Schinberger. We don't have all day so let's just say she was trying to defend her friend Hank, who was getting fresh with me, as fresh as a grade school boy could get. I warned Hank, "If you touch me I'm going to punch you." Its probably wrong, but I was pretty proud of that black eye. I was defending myself. My first real feeling of feminist power, I believe. Power to a girl who can defend herself. I feel pretty lucky I haven't had to defend myself in that way, after that incident.

OK now for the good and dirty laundry. Let's pull out my lists from 1982 to 1999's. Hmm.... let me think about this. I never have stunk up the confessional with this stuff, so what's the point now? For God sakes, I didn't feel guilty about most of those so called sins. I mean, what's a good sin without the guilt to go with it. This sinning thing is a little confusing. There must be categories. I'm thinking I should only bring the category "5's" in here. I always wondered if serious criminals actually went to confession. I'm still wondering.

Hey I know when I've sinned. I've had guilt. I've forgiven (myself). I've asked for forgiveness. I've sincerely apologized. You know we have options when it comes to airing our dirty laundry.

Next time I'm doing laundry here's what I'm going to do.

1. Hold up suspect pieces of clothing in my own daylight.

2. Check for unsightly stains.


4. Wash

5. Dry

6. Wear

7. Repeat if necessary.

8. Stubborn stains may be worn in public or semi-public settings, as long as they belong to you. That's a personal choice.

* No priests were harmed in this blog post. Many have undoubtedly helped others while behind the "curtain". It just really wasn't my thing.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Buried Fears - Awakening The Worse Kind of "not a morning person"

As a child, I recall a feeling of hesitation whenever my mother asked me to wake my dad. He was a night person, not a morning person. He wasn't mean. It just seemed that way because his attempts at speaking resulted in grunting. I'm not a morning person either. I would just as soon stay up half the night and sleep in. I've been known to grunt at people in the morning. I sincerely thought I had said, "good morning" when all they heard was, "(*^%&^%*". I start warming up about 10 am.

From this perspective I know why it takes a trusting, loving person to wake your buried fears. I've stuffed some of my fears deep inside the hallows of my insides. I have crammed them down as far as possible, putting them in this tight little ball, stuff, stuff, stuff. I've done my best to ignore those unkept creatures, but their poison continues to upset my stomach and give me headaches. Pop a TUMS and an ADVIL. Nice little band aid.

I have this certain fear that I've been treating like a mushroom, keeping it in the dark and feeding it, you know what, when MY MOTHER enters the scene. Mom just retired and graciously came to visit for a few weeks. I think she wanted to mother me. She cleaned, did dishes, made supper, picked up the kids from school and found some time for herself. I WAS GRATEFUL, but something interesting happens when a loving person enters your world full time for 2 weeks. THEY SENSE YOUR FEARS AND WANT TO WAKE THEM UP!?!? Let's just hypothetically call this little sleeping GIANT, "parenting my strong willed 7 year old son, who is mommy's little baby and knows how to manipulate mommy's weaknesses".

"Kim, you can't let him treat you that way." That's all it took. "How dare you wake me! You haven't been here. You don't know what I've had to deal with." Now I knew my mom was right and I didn't deny it, yet the fear continued to slumber, grunting and settled back into the darkness for a little while. Let's just say my mom's loving intention kept nudging it in the shoulder. SHAKE SHAKE. Time to get up sleepy head. "Would you leave me alone!!" Mother continues, "GET YOUR BUTT UP NOW!!!" Well it is exactly what I need to start slaying this fear. I'M UP NOW!!

I say all of this to encourage others to seek out your loving support. Sometimes its so scary to wake those fears that we actually deny ourselves this loving attention. Let others be your Traveling Sanctuaries. Together we can wake our fears and get some amazing STUFF done. Before we know it, it's past 10 am and we're having a very joyful time.

"Good Morning!"

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I found Angela Shelton Finding Angela Shelton

Crying in front of huge crowds
Spontaneous Videos
A Book
Award Winning Documentary
Humorous Deep Conversations related to everyday kind of things, including colon cleansing.
Well when Angela Shelton found Angel Shelton she helped others find themselves.
THIS GAL ROCKS!!!! HOLY MOLY! HOLY COW! I'm having some of this milk!

Monday, October 5, 2009

When Women Share It Fuels Many

I spoke at a women's networking event tonight. I spoke about my journey of discovering Modern B*a*g Ladies and how fueling others' dreams is the most eco-friendly, renewable resource we have.

I shared these thoughts on the concept of "Instant Success"

Romanced by Stories of Instant Success

In the hustle and bustle of today’s society we have instant cash machines, instant messaging and instant idols. As I instantly get results from using the search engines to research “instant success”, I come across this website that sells an “Instant Success Package”.
I imagined ordering my Instant Success in a Jar. I imagined getting an empty jar with this label.
Step 1: Save the following items in your jar

• Life Experiences
• A Business Plan
• Open Mind
• Some Mistakes
• etc, etc, etc
Step 2: Shake the contents & spread in a planter
Step 3: Plant Seeds of Passion
Step 4: Keep adding blood, sweat, & tears until something sprouts.

The next time you are sitting around waiting for something magically to happen just remind yourself that you can buy instant this and instant that on the web, but nothing can replace the following the steps above. Trust me I need to remind myself of this. We all know this in our hearts. It can be easy to get romanced by our instant gratification society.

It’s like they think we won’t buy or watch if there is work involved or they go to the other extreme. Many reality shows can’t wait to show you how the road to success is paved with manipulation, lies, rude behavior and beating somebody else to the ground.

Keep taking action and forging ahead. It’s your journey, one step at a time.

The women shared some wisdom:
"When I need to refuel I get together with my girlfriends"
Tell us about your favoriete childhood toy - "Easy Bake Oven"
"I am most proud of my son"
"I truly feel like myself when I am creating a beautiful environment."
"My idea of success is working hard and feeling good about what you are doing. Having a full life .
Tell us about your favorite color - "Pink because it is a healing color and green because it equals cash flow."
"I am most proud of who I have become."
"I believe in God."
"I spread joy by being compassionate and loving to those who I meet."
"I have fun when I am quilting with friends."