Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Middle Pieces - Fundraiser Enchanted Makeovers

On May 16th I had the opportunity to speak at the St. Alphonsus Mother Daughter Sister Luncheon.  St. Alphonsus church is my childhood church.  When I presented at the ladies retreat a year ago, Rev. Joseph P. V.  Phung invited me to speak about the non-profit, Enchanted Makeovers, as a team member.  When I pulled up to the church on Sunday May 16th I recalled how I dreaded going to church as a youngster. What a contrast on that day. I was thrilled to pull up to the church with my mom.  I thank the women who represented God's love in action back when I was young.  They provided the framework for which I build upon today. The luncheon raised $600 for Enchanted Makeovers. I share a short story I wrote at the end of the photo montage.  Enjoy!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Your Gift & Art Lead Others Down Their Path ~ Connect ~ Share

He said, "You are a closet intellect, seeker of the truth." Intellect means many things and the idea that he thought my intellect was in seeking the truth, well when you connect with someone it's a divine assignment.

He gave me a gift last week, not having any idea the timeliness and meaning. See when you treasure art, create art and share yourself and your (H)art, amazing things happen.

He read it once on the back of a book and made a copy. He made a copy of the copy and shared it with me.
It reads:

When a man literally walks in the light of his soul and the clear light of the sun pours through him - revealing the Path - it reveals at the same time the Plan. Simultaneously however he becomes aware of the fact that the Plan is very far as yet from consummation. The dark becomes more truly apparent. The chaos and misery and failure of the world groups stand revealed. The filth and dust of the warring forces are noted, and the whole sorrow of the world bears down upon the astounded, yet illuminated aspirant. Can he stand this pressure? Can he become indeed acquainted with grief and yet rejoice forever in the divine consciousness? Has he the ability to face what the light reveals and still go his way with serenity, sure of the ultimate triumph of good? Will he be overwhelmed by the surface evil and forget the heart of love which beats behind all outer seeming? This situation should ever be remembered by the disciple, or he will be shattered by the disciple, or he will be shattered by what he has discovered..... Alice A. Bailey.

PEACE This is the word that comes to mind now. He explains, "This had certain meaning long ago when I first read this. It has more and different now. I thought you would appreciate this." He will never know the extend of it; that is was the Plan way back (the copy, which now is a copy of a copy). Peace in connectedness and not so much the spoken word.

I am now on a path of discovering Alice A. Baily.   You could join me or you could be on the hunt for that copy you made years ago that belongs to someone you know.

Your Gift is your Art.  Share. Connect.  It leads you down your path of Discovering Your B*a*g.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Much To Do! Yes Much to do about Everything

Much To Do About Nothing

A comedy by Williams Shakespeare - The title implies that a great fuss (“much ado”) is made of something which is insignificant (“nothing”) such as the unfounded claims of Hero’s infidelity. (Wikipedia reference)

Everything you do affects everything else, so what are you doing? (what Shakespeare's play was really about and what modern day Shakespeare Angela Shelton says)

Much To Do About Everything

Love yourself ~ Harm Yourself
Can Do ~ Don't Care
Three Steps Forward ~ Two Steps Back
Fulfilled ~ Regret
Respectfully Speak Your Mind ~ Stuff it Down
Risk ~Never Try
Forgiveness ~ Poison
Positive Inner Speak ~ Negative Inner Speak
Accepting ~ Blame
Acknowledging Mistakes and Making Different Choices
Your Labels Are Showing (little article I wrote over at The Survivor Manual that you should read)
Now imagine this.  Everything you do affects everything else AND it's like screaming it into a megaphone for everyone to hear, see, feel, etc and so on. 
 Tell us what you're doing.  I know it's something amazing.  Please share because you are an inspiration and we need that because THERE'S MUCH TO DO.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Together We Can Lift the Sky

I've read Half the Sky, by Nicholas D. Kirstof and Sheryl Wudunn who happen to be winners of the Pulitzer Prize AND are a husband and wife team.

The book provides an insight on the oppression of women in developing countries and how and why, as a society, we need to lift this oppression together, men and women.

It is hard to believe the stories of sex slavery and the inhumane actions towards young women. Even more unbelievable is that some women who are products of this oppression eventually oppress other women. It is estimated that 3 million women and girls are enslaved into the sex trade, compared to 80,000 slaves shipped annually across the Atlantic from Africa in the 1780's, which declined to 50,000 between 1811 and 1850.

As I read I wonder, "What can I do about this and what about the needs of women in our own backyards?" Consider this, the countries that severely oppress women are the countries that breed terrorism and radical extremist. Now that certainly hits home.

I live where I have many freedoms, but I see remnants of the oppression described in this book, at my front door. Still many companies, organizations, communities and families do not know the value in gender diversity. Many women are not confident in the value they provide. In many ways, believing that, as a country, we are very "female" forward thinking has us stuck in mediocrity. As I learn more about domestic violence against women and childhood sexual abuse, I realize there is still so much more work that needs to be done here in the good ole USA.

Whether you are inclined to fight the oppression of women closer to home or across the oceans you will be inspired and motivated into action by reading this book. Vast bodies of water do not separate us from them. What happens there affects what happens here and vise versa , for we are all connected.

If women hold up half the sky, men hold up the other half. Its about valuing every body's contribution to the whole and allowing everybody to be themselves. When we say women should stand together, we are not saying, "Women together can stand alone". We are saying "Let's support other women in their contribution to holding up the sky. Its not a competition.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Fun Field Day Follow Friday

Such a great Friday. Aren't they all though. Today was an especially fun one, so I decided I would make it Fun Field Day Follow Friday. Get on Twitter and follow these twitter birds.

@princeboucher - When you want to be the best work with the best. Hoping to get focused on my social media presence. @princeboucher and @followtheprince will be key to that success. You can't do everything yourself for gosh sakes.

@thearmyofangels - A subset of the universal sisterhood. Together we surround each other with light and support each. Go check out the twitter birds following @thearmyofangels and you will get connect with Angels.

@owningpink - @lissarankin is the driving force behind this community, another subset of the universal sisterhood. Starting to tweet with her community. Can things get any better? Hell yah. Get connected with your Pink MOJO. More joy!!!! Never gets old.

@KatBrogan - Yes the better half of @ChrisBrogan. She cracks me up. Smart. Clever. Fun. She either doesn't know much about social media or pretends she doesn't. I feel she's very much her own person and frankly she doesn't need to know about social media for you to appreciate her presence there. It's just a tool, right!

Make it a great weekend. LOVE YOU ALL for you just being you. GO! FIGHT! WIN! Spread Joy. Shred Fear. Have Fun.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Your B*a*g's not Always My B*a*g but the Survey Says.....

The Modern B*a*g Ladies Traveling Sanctuary Tote survey results are in.

Totes #1 and #3 got equal votes for most liked, but interestingly enough also got equally high votes for least liked.
  • Shoulder Straps and zippers were popular requested options
  • Consensus is that you need a functional tote.
Thank you so much for your feedback as I research and prepare to launch Discover Your B*a*g Traveling Sanctuary Scavenger Hunt.

  • It's more scavenger hunt than map.
  • It's a tote bag that coaches. Not a Coach bag.
  • It's a tote bag that reminds you to fuel yourself first.
  • It's a tote bag that is a conversation piece, which allows you to voice your passions.
THEN the items you discover can be placed on the outside of a fabulous Modern B*a*g Ladies handbag if you'd like. This month MBL was featured in local women's magazine Rochester Women.

Imagine your story on these designs. You choose from 5 designs, 5 canvas colors, and patchwork or tic-tac layout of your items which tell your story. Your items consist of anything cloth, graphic design that can be transferred to cloth or anything that can be sewn onto the handbag.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Follow the Signs.....

I don't know her real name. I know her as Delightfully Tacky. She had a dream. She had a dream to travel the country in a 1973 Winnebago Brave D-20T. "BRAVE". She planned. She saved. She searched. AND she realized her dream which starts a journey all over again. In my heart of hearts I want to be her or go with her on this leg of the trip. Her quest exemplifies the Modern B*a*g Ladies philosophy. She is a Traveling Sanctuary in a Brave Traveling Sanctuary.

I don't know her in person. I know her spirit. AND I love her for following her dream. Today I cheer out loud for her accomplishment.

My message for you today is.... Follow the Signs. They light up as you hover over them. Trust me they will take you places. WHAT'S YOUR BRAVE WINNEBAGO? GET A PICTURE OF IT POST IT ON YOUR BATHROOM MIRROR. GO FOR IT. DO IT FOR YOU. DO IT FOR THE SISTERHOOD.

Follow the link (sign), trust me you will see how passion and following your intuition will manifest into your dreams.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Age of Woman - Feminine Presence Expands

Tonight I end the blogging drought. I've been writing, just not here. For some reason I needed to pull myself to it and force my mind and heart open to let if flow out. I felt at a lose for a compelling subject, yet overwhelmed with gratefulness and peacefulness.

Tonight I was drawn to the word Goddess. I've been aware of Chameli Ardagh for some months now, but not until tonight have I watched her videos. I had an OH Yes moment watching and listening to her calming empowering presence. "We are Goddesses overstimulated with testosterone and masculinity." I am a witness to the compromising and devaluing of this Goddess~Feminine Presence. I am also a witness to its expansion. This is the cause of my gratefulness and peacefulness.

It is an expansion, rather than a rising. There is a fullness, an inclusiveness and a filling of the dark cracks. It's not set on targets, for which to aim and fire, for if not met with sharpness are seen as failures. It's not a new way, rather a returning to which has been waiting patiently, growing in strength.

I reach out and I join my sisters with love and gratitude. I know with my whole heart I am here with you, for the purpose of expanding the feminine presence.

Thank You to all women! Love and thanks to the women that have touched my heart in a very personal way.

My daughter (young woman) Paige: You amaze me every day and remind me that the more I return to myself the more I am like you. I Love You. Our dance is the perfection of dork dances.

Terry Grahl of Enchanted Makeovers: Thank you for teaching me the power of faith and the power of an enchanted dream. I believe, that make believe stories, do come true. I Love You. We dance.

Karla: We walked. We talked. You've been there for the past three years listening to my dreams. We've laughed and we've cried and come out the other side looking and feeling pretty damn good. I Love You. We dance.

Dawn: I look forward to spending more time together. We can be ourselves together: fun, a little naughty and serious. I Love You. We dance.

Angela Shelton: Thank you for giving me the courage to be myself and to get my ass off the fence. Your authenticity and transparency shine bright. Your believing is more contagious than pink eye. I Love You. We Dance.

The Army of Angels: There are many Angels and most I have never directly interacted either in person, phone or email. We share the same space in cyberspace either through Facebook, Twitter, Ustream or our blogs. Most people I interact with in person wouldn't understand the bond we have or understand my overwhelming sense of anticipation in meeting many of you in October at the Army of Angels Conference. Our collective courage, joy and feminine presence transcends the vast spaces. Diann, you represent the rock. A solid foundation to build upon and expand. I Love You. We Dance. Tracie, you represent a kind joyful spirit that floats like a butterfly. I Love You. We Dance. Meggs, you represent the true riches of this world. You have an inner fire that burns and fuels your greatness. I Love You. We Dance. Vanessa, you represent the middle pieces, which is that inner knowing and trusting. I Love You. We Dance. Kerri, you represent smiles and bubbles. I Love You. We Dance.

When our feminine power is shared it expands and our collective intuition is strengthened. When I read what Sheena wrote about me I know it represented this collective intuition, which only happens when one shares of herself and another listens intently. Sheena has what I like to say is, "I know that she knows that I know." I Love You. We Dance.

She dances and she spreads joy. And even though her dances are fun and awesome, I think they are also the tribal dances that people do when they prepare for battle. She is armed with joy and power and in her fun dances, she manages to change the world and make you smile.

Together we stand in our Feminine Presence, where I can stand in a the depths of my spirit, a spirit that is so serious and dorky at the same time. The beating of the drum gets louder. It echoes. It expands. Find your rhythm. Play your instrument. Join in!