Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Age of Woman - Feminine Presence Expands

Tonight I end the blogging drought. I've been writing, just not here. For some reason I needed to pull myself to it and force my mind and heart open to let if flow out. I felt at a lose for a compelling subject, yet overwhelmed with gratefulness and peacefulness.

Tonight I was drawn to the word Goddess. I've been aware of Chameli Ardagh for some months now, but not until tonight have I watched her videos. I had an OH Yes moment watching and listening to her calming empowering presence. "We are Goddesses overstimulated with testosterone and masculinity." I am a witness to the compromising and devaluing of this Goddess~Feminine Presence. I am also a witness to its expansion. This is the cause of my gratefulness and peacefulness.

It is an expansion, rather than a rising. There is a fullness, an inclusiveness and a filling of the dark cracks. It's not set on targets, for which to aim and fire, for if not met with sharpness are seen as failures. It's not a new way, rather a returning to which has been waiting patiently, growing in strength.

I reach out and I join my sisters with love and gratitude. I know with my whole heart I am here with you, for the purpose of expanding the feminine presence.

Thank You to all women! Love and thanks to the women that have touched my heart in a very personal way.

My daughter (young woman) Paige: You amaze me every day and remind me that the more I return to myself the more I am like you. I Love You. Our dance is the perfection of dork dances.

Terry Grahl of Enchanted Makeovers: Thank you for teaching me the power of faith and the power of an enchanted dream. I believe, that make believe stories, do come true. I Love You. We dance.

Karla: We walked. We talked. You've been there for the past three years listening to my dreams. We've laughed and we've cried and come out the other side looking and feeling pretty damn good. I Love You. We dance.

Dawn: I look forward to spending more time together. We can be ourselves together: fun, a little naughty and serious. I Love You. We dance.

Angela Shelton: Thank you for giving me the courage to be myself and to get my ass off the fence. Your authenticity and transparency shine bright. Your believing is more contagious than pink eye. I Love You. We Dance.

The Army of Angels: There are many Angels and most I have never directly interacted either in person, phone or email. We share the same space in cyberspace either through Facebook, Twitter, Ustream or our blogs. Most people I interact with in person wouldn't understand the bond we have or understand my overwhelming sense of anticipation in meeting many of you in October at the Army of Angels Conference. Our collective courage, joy and feminine presence transcends the vast spaces. Diann, you represent the rock. A solid foundation to build upon and expand. I Love You. We Dance. Tracie, you represent a kind joyful spirit that floats like a butterfly. I Love You. We Dance. Meggs, you represent the true riches of this world. You have an inner fire that burns and fuels your greatness. I Love You. We Dance. Vanessa, you represent the middle pieces, which is that inner knowing and trusting. I Love You. We Dance. Kerri, you represent smiles and bubbles. I Love You. We Dance.

When our feminine power is shared it expands and our collective intuition is strengthened. When I read what Sheena wrote about me I know it represented this collective intuition, which only happens when one shares of herself and another listens intently. Sheena has what I like to say is, "I know that she knows that I know." I Love You. We Dance.

She dances and she spreads joy. And even though her dances are fun and awesome, I think they are also the tribal dances that people do when they prepare for battle. She is armed with joy and power and in her fun dances, she manages to change the world and make you smile.

Together we stand in our Feminine Presence, where I can stand in a the depths of my spirit, a spirit that is so serious and dorky at the same time. The beating of the drum gets louder. It echoes. It expands. Find your rhythm. Play your instrument. Join in!


Sheena said...

I meant everything I wrote about you and a TONS MORE!

Ganga Fondan said...

Dear Kim,
As I read the entry that Chameli posted, I feel reminded of a similar letter I once wrote to a team of women I was working with. The greatest discovery was that powerful women is what the men of this world truly ache for. In that year 3 of us fell in love (including me), one of us got married, one rekindled her romance and the other poured herself into a male dominated career. I celebrate your joy and continuously marvel at what women have to give to each other and the world. Be happy!!!