Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Middle Pieces - Fundraiser Enchanted Makeovers

On May 16th I had the opportunity to speak at the St. Alphonsus Mother Daughter Sister Luncheon.  St. Alphonsus church is my childhood church.  When I presented at the ladies retreat a year ago, Rev. Joseph P. V.  Phung invited me to speak about the non-profit, Enchanted Makeovers, as a team member.  When I pulled up to the church on Sunday May 16th I recalled how I dreaded going to church as a youngster. What a contrast on that day. I was thrilled to pull up to the church with my mom.  I thank the women who represented God's love in action back when I was young.  They provided the framework for which I build upon today. The luncheon raised $600 for Enchanted Makeovers. I share a short story I wrote at the end of the photo montage.  Enjoy!

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