Monday, May 24, 2010

Your Gift & Art Lead Others Down Their Path ~ Connect ~ Share

He said, "You are a closet intellect, seeker of the truth." Intellect means many things and the idea that he thought my intellect was in seeking the truth, well when you connect with someone it's a divine assignment.

He gave me a gift last week, not having any idea the timeliness and meaning. See when you treasure art, create art and share yourself and your (H)art, amazing things happen.

He read it once on the back of a book and made a copy. He made a copy of the copy and shared it with me.
It reads:

When a man literally walks in the light of his soul and the clear light of the sun pours through him - revealing the Path - it reveals at the same time the Plan. Simultaneously however he becomes aware of the fact that the Plan is very far as yet from consummation. The dark becomes more truly apparent. The chaos and misery and failure of the world groups stand revealed. The filth and dust of the warring forces are noted, and the whole sorrow of the world bears down upon the astounded, yet illuminated aspirant. Can he stand this pressure? Can he become indeed acquainted with grief and yet rejoice forever in the divine consciousness? Has he the ability to face what the light reveals and still go his way with serenity, sure of the ultimate triumph of good? Will he be overwhelmed by the surface evil and forget the heart of love which beats behind all outer seeming? This situation should ever be remembered by the disciple, or he will be shattered by the disciple, or he will be shattered by what he has discovered..... Alice A. Bailey.

PEACE This is the word that comes to mind now. He explains, "This had certain meaning long ago when I first read this. It has more and different now. I thought you would appreciate this." He will never know the extend of it; that is was the Plan way back (the copy, which now is a copy of a copy). Peace in connectedness and not so much the spoken word.

I am now on a path of discovering Alice A. Baily.   You could join me or you could be on the hunt for that copy you made years ago that belongs to someone you know.

Your Gift is your Art.  Share. Connect.  It leads you down your path of Discovering Your B*a*g.

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