Saturday, May 22, 2010

Much To Do! Yes Much to do about Everything

Much To Do About Nothing

A comedy by Williams Shakespeare - The title implies that a great fuss (“much ado”) is made of something which is insignificant (“nothing”) such as the unfounded claims of Hero’s infidelity. (Wikipedia reference)

Everything you do affects everything else, so what are you doing? (what Shakespeare's play was really about and what modern day Shakespeare Angela Shelton says)

Much To Do About Everything

Love yourself ~ Harm Yourself
Can Do ~ Don't Care
Three Steps Forward ~ Two Steps Back
Fulfilled ~ Regret
Respectfully Speak Your Mind ~ Stuff it Down
Risk ~Never Try
Forgiveness ~ Poison
Positive Inner Speak ~ Negative Inner Speak
Accepting ~ Blame
Acknowledging Mistakes and Making Different Choices
Your Labels Are Showing (little article I wrote over at The Survivor Manual that you should read)
Now imagine this.  Everything you do affects everything else AND it's like screaming it into a megaphone for everyone to hear, see, feel, etc and so on. 
 Tell us what you're doing.  I know it's something amazing.  Please share because you are an inspiration and we need that because THERE'S MUCH TO DO.

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