Friday, May 14, 2010

Fun Field Day Follow Friday

Such a great Friday. Aren't they all though. Today was an especially fun one, so I decided I would make it Fun Field Day Follow Friday. Get on Twitter and follow these twitter birds.

@princeboucher - When you want to be the best work with the best. Hoping to get focused on my social media presence. @princeboucher and @followtheprince will be key to that success. You can't do everything yourself for gosh sakes.

@thearmyofangels - A subset of the universal sisterhood. Together we surround each other with light and support each. Go check out the twitter birds following @thearmyofangels and you will get connect with Angels.

@owningpink - @lissarankin is the driving force behind this community, another subset of the universal sisterhood. Starting to tweet with her community. Can things get any better? Hell yah. Get connected with your Pink MOJO. More joy!!!! Never gets old.

@KatBrogan - Yes the better half of @ChrisBrogan. She cracks me up. Smart. Clever. Fun. She either doesn't know much about social media or pretends she doesn't. I feel she's very much her own person and frankly she doesn't need to know about social media for you to appreciate her presence there. It's just a tool, right!

Make it a great weekend. LOVE YOU ALL for you just being you. GO! FIGHT! WIN! Spread Joy. Shred Fear. Have Fun.


Social Scientist said...

Glad to be apart of Fun Friday!

LadyJtalks said...

this was great...we need more videos like this on the web to just make you feel good. send