Monday, October 5, 2009

When Women Share It Fuels Many

I spoke at a women's networking event tonight. I spoke about my journey of discovering Modern B*a*g Ladies and how fueling others' dreams is the most eco-friendly, renewable resource we have.

I shared these thoughts on the concept of "Instant Success"

Romanced by Stories of Instant Success

In the hustle and bustle of today’s society we have instant cash machines, instant messaging and instant idols. As I instantly get results from using the search engines to research “instant success”, I come across this website that sells an “Instant Success Package”.
I imagined ordering my Instant Success in a Jar. I imagined getting an empty jar with this label.
Step 1: Save the following items in your jar

• Life Experiences
• A Business Plan
• Open Mind
• Some Mistakes
• etc, etc, etc
Step 2: Shake the contents & spread in a planter
Step 3: Plant Seeds of Passion
Step 4: Keep adding blood, sweat, & tears until something sprouts.

The next time you are sitting around waiting for something magically to happen just remind yourself that you can buy instant this and instant that on the web, but nothing can replace the following the steps above. Trust me I need to remind myself of this. We all know this in our hearts. It can be easy to get romanced by our instant gratification society.

It’s like they think we won’t buy or watch if there is work involved or they go to the other extreme. Many reality shows can’t wait to show you how the road to success is paved with manipulation, lies, rude behavior and beating somebody else to the ground.

Keep taking action and forging ahead. It’s your journey, one step at a time.

The women shared some wisdom:
"When I need to refuel I get together with my girlfriends"
Tell us about your favoriete childhood toy - "Easy Bake Oven"
"I am most proud of my son"
"I truly feel like myself when I am creating a beautiful environment."
"My idea of success is working hard and feeling good about what you are doing. Having a full life .
Tell us about your favorite color - "Pink because it is a healing color and green because it equals cash flow."
"I am most proud of who I have become."
"I believe in God."
"I spread joy by being compassionate and loving to those who I meet."
"I have fun when I am quilting with friends."

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Terry Grahl said...

Way to go girlfriend! Keep climbing that mountain or you could always walk around it.

Love you,
Terry ox