Sunday, October 25, 2009

Travel Blog Log - Sunday October 25 2009

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Dancing B*a*g Lady Sunday turning to Monday before this post is completed, October 26, 2009
Last night I dreamt I was several pounds lighter. I must have danced my ass off on that Dance Your Ass Off show, but I missed that part of the dream apparently. Instead I fast forwarded to the glory. What the heck was I doing, sleeping at the dream? Probably more like wishful dreaming. "Woman awakens from her dream 30 pounds lighter." It's a miracle!
Actually, the heavy baggage of recent unhealthy choices is finally weighing on my mind enough to where I need to "again" ask myself, "why?", answer myself truthfully, and take some ACTION.
Here's a scary thought, "My first question really isn't a why question, it's a where question that I have been avoiding for months. Where am I starting? The scale doesn't lie and it will scream the truth tomorrow morning. I have my own don't ask, don't tell thing going on in my on head and its a piece of baggage that is somewhere at the bottom of pile. Time to yank it out and let the house of cards fall.
What question haven't you been asking or answering. Keep asking and be curious and brave enough to seek the answers. By the way you can recycle your baggage into B*A*G believe act go.

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Cindy Shepard said...

I was reading about you on Mommy Millionaire, no wonder you get off track with taking care of are one busy lady!! But you're doing great.