Saturday, January 17, 2009

Give It All You Got - Sleep Well

You know that feeling you get when you have given your all, mentally or physically? After you've experienced this feeling one's to wonder why they don't give it their all with everything they do.

Everything I do is not worthy of my precious time. I've come to notice my waste.

Today was worthy. Worthy of giving my all. Worthy of a dream I dreamt months ago. Many sleepless nights planning, writing, rehearsing in my head what I wanted to share with a captivate audience of ladies. Today I told my story and others shared theirs in turn (the best part of today).

Today was the very first Modern B*a*g Ladies Workshop/mini retreat. I gave it my all. Tonight I will sleep well. Ah it is the most satisfying slumber.

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marie*jolie said...

YAY!!! You've got the first one under your belt, and you're going to FLY from here. Woo hoo!!!

By the way, come visit my blog. I've got a treat for you. :o)