Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thumbing Through My Journal - Very Interesting (to me anyway)

Today is about random thoughts that I captured in my journal these past few months. I will try to interpret them. And let's end this post with my bizarre amusement with the word verifications used by Blogger. You know that extra typing required to prove you are not some computer set out to SPAM us. Wonder if they have a paid position for somebody to make up these random letters, just to make me wonder about this stuff. I think I would be pretty good at that job. I should check into that. (not!)


Hmm, As I browse I have decided that I should date the pages in my journal.


Very first page - My daughter and her friend wrote me messages. "By the way Paige rocks... haha" and "Meagan is the coolest person in the world. Enjoy every minute of Life." These girls are wise beyond their years and apparently have some self confidence.

I've got a few pictures - Jars with labels such as, Volunteer, Compliments, Kid Pick the Game, Anti-Punishment (positive reinforcement), Joy, Blessings, I dare you to leave your worries at the door. This whole brain storm turned into me and the kids decorating 3 jars each. Joy, Fear, Fun. Sound familiar?

Pass the Buck? What the Cluck? - This has something to do with encouraging myself and others not to pass on poor quality and to take responsibility.

Oh yah! I do love my hubby! - My husband has given my entire family a gift. He is fun and spontaneous. Sometimes to the point that it wears me down. I am more introverted. Let's just say Tom can be a bit of a roller coaster ride. In the past I struggled more with this. .... I now can receive all of it in love. He provides great energy to a room. The next time I get overwhelmed I will remember it is a gift and give thanks.

Paige Protector comes to me in a dream as a dog. Need more signs please. Well let's just say we got a dog a few months later, after I vowed never to get another dog. We absolutely love our Chihuahua, Tula.

Waterproof Journal - LOL ! All I know is that I have the greatest ideas when I am in the shower and no place to write them down.

Now the girls were sweating and making up words - Swoobs, Swutt Crack, Swoes and Swarm Pits.

I should nap more fearlessly. When I play some people must think I am crazy. I know I am just a little wild. I live with some fear, but I must conquer it by learning and pushing myself.

Be patient. Listen. Follow.

Now for those word verifications:

IMINGISM - I am doing something ism.
SUPHERS - Surfing gophers.
PHILISE - Phy Lis Dillar
MEONY - If that person making up these words made more money they could spell money.
CLAIKER - This one has me stumped.

Well thanks for stopping by and hanging in there through this random post.

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marie*jolie said...

ha ha ha... you crack me up! I use the word "random" to describe the way I think, so I guess we're two peas in a pod. Have a great weekend!... And my word verification today is "swurviti". It's what happens when you drink and drive, I think. :o)