Monday, January 5, 2009

Magical Stories - The Gift of Writing

When you view your life as a story it becomes magical, even when it doesn't bring a happy ending. It's the magic of purpose, awareness, understanding, connectedness. To tell is to listen. To listen is to tell. "Life, I'm listening."
So you see, my purpose is to tell stories and it is so freaking FUN! I have given myself permission to view the world with a young. hopeful heart and mind. I have given myself permission to be truthful, honest and open. I have given myself permission to be myself, while realizing my inner critic can be as harsh as Simon Cowell. I actually came to myself in my dream, disguised as Simon Cowell, just so I could tell myself my writing stunk. This proved to me that we are our harshest critics.
So I say, "Simon Cowell, stick it up you know where" and I will continue to wake up saying, "Good morning world, what will I write about today?"
I journal, post on my blog and write a weekly newsletter, which would be quite the surprise to Mr. Wilkerson, the toughest English teacher in southeast Iowa's tri-county area.
So what's Kim's point today? Blah blah blah, get to the point. Even if you can't quite find the time to journal, don't want to start a blog or don't have a fan base that you fantasize soaks up every single word of your newsletter (a girl's gotta dream), you should view your life like you are required to share it through the written word. Why? Because when you are looking for material you have to be open, aware. You start to see the thread that connects the dots. You again view the world through your children's eyes. Besides story telling is fun even when you're reading silently to yourself.
Honestly, I write for me and I hope you get some enjoyment from it as well. And Mr. Wilkerson, I give myself an "A" for this post.


Gabrielle said...

I agree, writing is my greatest outlet, next to organizing! :)

marie*jolie said...

I applaud your idea! Yes, writing is quite the resource for we who have the desire to express what's in these little heads of ours. Happy writing!

Andreal said...

I vote for writing without the constant self-criticism and judgment. Let's just get the thoughts out of our heads and onto the paper. The process of forming sentences from words can be just as meaningful as the product.

Over The Top Aprons said...

I also give you an A plus ..... I happy for you that you have the joy of writing.

Suzie said...

I give you an A too....and I completely agree with you. I try to remember that when I am writing on my blog or any piece. My mom loves reading things that I write. I guess she's my #1 I have to remember in 2009 to be myself I am my hardest critic as well. I just need to tell myself to get over it. This is me...this is what I am. So there!! LOL.... Great post!!

Gabrielle said...

I got my keychain!!! Thank you!

PopArtDiva said...

Always having been an artist, I found myself a little surprised at how much I love the act of writing - almost as much as I love creating art.

I have nine blogs that I write for now - under different topics that are passions of mine. I think the ones closest to "magical" stories would be my nostalgia on PopArtDiva's Baby Boomer Nostalgia because it involves memories, but I think the story telling is part of all my blogs.

Since I'm a professional artist and don't consider myself a professional writer I find I am a little less harsh on myself as a writer, but I really know that Simon Cowell trick with my art!

I love that you gave yourself an "A" - whoohoo, add a plus for me!