Saturday, January 3, 2009

Rarely Asked Question #2 (RAQ's) - Is it ever ok to play with your food?

So, here's our RAQ for today. IS IT EVER OK TO PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD?
Food fights in the right setting is ok, but very disrespectful when it damages property. My daughter went to a Jello Rama Event. They threw Jello, played games with Jello and had a blast. Chef's play with food all the time. They create tastes, smells, presentation. My brothers used to make mash potato dams, holding back their gravy. Dam break, dam break, the green beans perished in the flood YUM!
What kid doesn't like a yummy spaghetti dinner? And what mom doesn't like a quick boil of the water, browning of hamburger and dumping of Ragu? Add salad for good measure. Voila!Italiano Superbo! Who can resist the extended sauce smile on our kids faces after a few noodle slurps?
In my never ending battle with coddling my 6 year old, last night, I couldn't resist regrouping his sauce covered noodles into a nice neat pile after he had devoured the middle leaving a big circle of noodles. The noodles were barely hanging on, ready to jump off the edge.
Now, there's nothing I like better than wiping up sauce and noodles from off the table, so I rounded up his noodles back to their rightful place (middle of the plate), much to his disappointment. "Mom you ruined my race track!" What could I do but smile?
Embracing his playful mind, his sister decided to create her own master piece. PHOTO OP! "Wait Paige, you forgot the hole in your P." With the twist of the wrist and a yummy bite it was complete.
Answer: Yes, play with your food in the right setting and without damaging property. Its a form of fun and creativity.
Do you play with your food? How? When? Where?


Andreal said...

Great photo! It made me smile.

marie*jolie said...

This is definitely something I haven't thought much about. Playing with my food... hmm. My mom once had a special dinner that she called a "Hookie Pookie Lau"- who knows where she got that from- and we ate a big dinner outside on the picnic table with our fingers. I have to admit, it sure did create a lasting memory!

Dancing B.A.G. Lady said...

Good for your mom. Playing is good and when parents get down on the floor (persay) with their kids I think it is great.

My husband's friend allowed his kids to throw cereal all over the floors and crunch them with their feet. They didn't have carpeting and it swept up nicely, but I am not sure if I could go that far.

Gabrielle said...

ABSOLUTELY! I'm know for playing with my food, much to my husbands dismay!

PopArtDiva said...

Oh, I love to play with my food - as The DIVA of TINY FOODS™ I am constantly turning all kinds of recipes into "tiny foods" aka appetizers! Then I create colorful recipe cards for them for people to download for free at the blog. (Gotta keep the art in everything I do, lol!)

As a kid I would take parts of my dinner and stack it up into bite sized pieces to eat - it drove my mother batty! Little did either of us know it would turn me into a food blogger!

Dancing B.A.G. Lady said...


I think we are both a little twisted. It's a good thing.

I'm not alone. Yah!

cindy said...

I don't think I would want to throw food or have it thrown at me. I'm too much of a neat and clean freak!

Stephanie said...

Playing with food is too fun! When I was little, I would play with my food...Mom never cared as long as I ended up eating. Besides this a fun way to explore your food!