Monday, December 15, 2008

Laugh Your Traveling Sanctuary Trunk Off Ladies


Do you know what little Giggles are suppose to turn into? Laugh your trunk off, pee your pants sessions. I highly recommend you dabble a little and don't be afraid of being a dork. My kids think I am a huge dork with extreme facial expressions. I think its because my mouth is literally soooo big. I smile big, frown big, laugh big and can do some amazing tricks with my lips and tongue.

Choose your giggle. Everyone has their favorite

  1. Exploding giggle volcano (soda, mash potatoes)
  2. No logical reason to giggle giggle (nature's way to balance out extreme badness)
  3. Alcohol induced giggle (I recommend moderation, as it can quickly turn into tearful episodes)
  4. Solo giggle (alone in your office or out loud in a movie theatre)
  5. Giggle as the only medicine giggle
  6. Goofy giggles (only you and your very best B*A*G Friend understand)
  7. Contagious giggle
  8. Not sure if it is politically correct to giggle giggle ( OH that had to hurt! ouch!)
  9. I was dishing out really hard ice cream and some how it flung from the ice cream scoop to my head giggle
  10. Ladies acting unlady like giggles

Share some of your Gigglerama of Giggles and make sure you check our Wendy and Stephanie's website of Empowording products. The power of a single word is AMAZING.


Just Me... said...

I needed this! Thank you! And you know, I have over-exaggerated expressions too... I mean, I don't feel like I'm stretching my face all over, but I look at a photo and I'm scary! Big mouth! :)

Giggling is great for everything! Nice post!

Chic Gal said...

hmmm....interesting list of giggles. Not sure if I have a favorite. I honestly haven't giggled in awhile.

Gabrielle said...

My kids make fun of me because I am the lady who often says, "oh, how funny" without actually laughing. I have an odd sense of humor that only a few people get, but with those people I love the contagious giggle! Thanks for bringing a giggle to my day!

cindy said...

Just checking in to say "Hi" today!

Gabrielle said...

I'll let you count shoveling, after all losing a lung must be worth something!