Friday, December 5, 2008

Sucked into the Vortex of Spreading Fear

Let's do an experiment. Read the following and see how you feel afterwards.

The economy will crash.
I will lose everything.
I have no control.
Stock market is up, its down, its up, its down etc etc etc minute by minute

Now, how do you feel? Just like somebody punched a million holes into your fuel tank and you have a 1000 mile journey ahead of you and no fuel stations in sight.

Ok, I'll be realistic but I can't just sit here and get sucked into this vortex of fear. So, in an attempt to be realistic without being polly annish I will intake 1 dose of hard fact bad reality with ,2, 3, 100 doses of what is still good in this world. Lately I think I need the 1/100 ratio, as the SUCKING force is strong these days.

Dang my Traveling Sanctuary feels like a roller coaster. Or maybe more like rev up, peel out, stall, fuel, fuel fuel, repeat. I better keep my eyes open, hands up in the air and enjoy the ride as much as possible.

Please, please, please, find whatever it takes to keep yourself filled with positive fuel. The race of life isn't about being first, it's about remaining whole and true to yourself, each winning in their own time.

My thoughts are with everyone who is currently at the bottom of the hill not sure how they will start climbing. I pray that I can be their fuel pit stop. Only you know for sure what you need, so seek it out, be still, listen to your heart. A book. A song. A picture. A hug. Welcome the posetive energy around you.

Yet, my deepest fear is that I haven't myself reached my lowest of lows, so I must make each day my masterpiece and know that I may create my greatest of masterpieces at a time of lowest lows.

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