Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Funny Thing About Fun

It must be so exciting to be the life of the party, the one front and center, telling funny jokes, getting all the attention and the applause, it seems. You know those types, famous or not, who naturally draw attention to themselves. They're outwardly fun loving, entertaining and quick witted.

Me? Well, I am certainly not describing myself. As much as I believe that I want to be that person I have to accept the fact that, Carol Burnett, I am not. (Here's a little random side note: variety shows of the past are what I consider real entertainment. I loved the Carol Burnett Show. That's what I call real fun.) Me? Well let's just say that the show couldn't go on without the stage hands, writers, producers, caterers etc.

Wednesday evening prior to hosting a house full of guests I was busy baking pies. My hubby (life of the party) was rallying the early arrivals to a game of "Apples to Apples", not a complicated game. I was making an honest effort to participate, but was distracted with slicing apples. Since I was doing such a poor job of multi-tasking between work and play, I was dubbed the weekend's "Fun Hater". The nickname was dubbed in the spirit of FUN, but I was slightly offended and a little jealous that I wasn't the life of the party.

After much thought I announced to the "Fun Lover" who dubbed me as the "Fun Hater" that I must correct him. I am not the "Fun Hater" I am the "Fun Enabler". To which he replied, "Do you have to use such big words?" Now that was funny!

Here is the lesson I must remind myself over and over again, "It takes all kinds to make this wonderful world go round, so I should spend more time embracing my strengths and less time fantasizing about being something I truly "B"elieve in my heart I am not." Besides, I don't have to be funny to be fun or have fun. And sometimes I just need to lightened up a little.

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