Friday, April 9, 2010

Modern B*a*g Lady Truth #6

Your #1 job is to help other people be successful because you sure in the "H" "E" DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS (well maybe oars in this case) can't do all this "stuff" by yourself.

Seriously folks, think about it. Where does this truth not apply? I challenge you to think of one area in life that is not about helping others succeed. For example, the hard working person that picks up your garbage from he curb each week is helping you succeed by clearing your creative space (your home or business) from clutter and filth. You therefore can be be productive and creative. Challenge me on this one and leave a comment.

I'm reading this awesome book by Tom Peters, The Little Big Things, 163 Ways To Pursue Excellence. Actual it's more like a travel guide I will have with me at all time in my Traveling Sanctuary B*a*g. Where doesn't excellence apply? And what is Tom Peters doing with this book, but if not helping others succeed. I don't care if you are a mom home schooling your precious children or the "head cheese in charge" of a billion dollar company, excellence matters. So, I say this book is for everyone. I'm saying so because I want you to succeed in whatever your heart desires.

Here's Tom's thoughts on the subject of what I believe to be Your #1 Job. "The "business" of leaders at all levels is to help those in their charge (like the person in charge of your garbage) develop beyond their dreams- which in turn almost automatically leads to "all that other stuff," such as happy customers, happy stock-holders, happy communities."

Universal Truth: You are a leader to someone. (How are you doing?)


Anonymous said...

Get Up Off My name Bitch
Lady Truth is trade Marked to me change ya name title or pay up!

Dancing B*a*g Lady said...

Not my name just a title of blog post. I won't take the name calling personal.