Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rarely Asked Questions - Sniff Husband's Underwear?

You're probably wondering what the heck this crazy lady is thinking? Ah yes, my mind has done much thinking today, which will probably be over by the time I finish this post. I have much on my mind today and I feel like sharing, so here we go.

I don't sleep much. I used to have no problem sleeping in after a long day and night. Today was no different than any other these day. 6:30 am; the sun comes up earlier, almost mid-May already. So many meaningful and exciting things to do, so I better hit the ground. A sink full of dirty dishes must be at the top of my list ( I am ashamed to tell you how long they sat). The sink was heaping and let me tell you we have a deep sink. Starting my day with a huge sense of accomplishment. Dishes DONE!

TV really annoys me for the most part, so let's turn on some music. I've turned it up 10 years and have moved from 70's to 80's lately. XM 80's on 8 is turned on with more kitchen duties. Gazing out the kitchen window, a red cardinal appears. ( Excuse me from typing, but our Chihuahua is whining. Stuck in Paige's bathroom again) Ok back to the cardinal, I realize its significance this AM. A group of MI friends are meeting at this very moment. This crimson sign appeared the first time this group of friends talked together on the phone via conference call. I paused and think of my friends.

Dropped Paige at soccer practice to return in an hour. How many fliers can I post about the upcoming event benefiting women and children in shelters in an hour? Well, that would be 10. Red Wing has so many great retail stores. I went into the Christian bookstore. I think I have only been in this store once or twice since moving here 8 years ago. Lovely store. Bought some inspirational cards and a book. Growing up Catholic, I frequented Christian bookstores quite a bit growing up. Where else are you going to buy a gift for all your friends and family as they celebrate their monumental sacraments? First Confession, Communion, Confirmation all deservant of a symbolic cross, lamb, bible etc.
A trip to the mall is planned. Needing a special outfit for a women's conference in Chicago at the end of May. Are we in a recession? Window shoppers? Well, I think it had something to do with graduation, proms and Mother's Day. I saw so many pretty people at the mall. Am I pretty? I have been making an effort lately to have my outward appearance beam the happiness of my insides, so from that regard I was feeling pretty today. I chose a colorful outfit and actually bought heels. Need to give those GERMAN calves a more slender look with the uplift of a heel.

12:09 am and I just got an email from my mom. She's up late tonight. Probably excited about life as well. She's retiring in 90 some days and man is she excited.

On the way to the mall today we passed a younger man standing at a busy intersection. He was holding a sign that reads, "Homeless. Any little bit helps. God Bless." Tall, slender. He had a ankle brace over his jeans. I saw his eyes. They were the saddest eyes I have seen in I don't know how long. Waiting for the light to turn green at the back of the line, I could not see him. Here I am concerned about an outfit for a conference and this man looks as if he just swallowed the biggest lump of pride so he can ask for help. I will pray for this man for some time forward. I saw what was in him through his eyes. Deep suffering so deep it filled him completely.

Well I went to bed and not back again until 8:26 am Mothers Day 2009. Just put the last load of husband's week long dirty clothes in the dryer. He brings them in two bags. I can usually do two loads, lights and darks. Well late last night I thought I would get some laundry done before Mom's day. Fishing through his bags, clean clothes at the bottom? They looked clean but did they smell clean. Yes I sniffed his underwear. Either he is the freshest man on the earth or they were clean. I washed them anyway, which makes the whole sniffing thing unnecessary.

RARELY ASKED QUESTION I DO NOT EXPECT YOU TO ANSWER: Have you ever sniffed clothes to see if they were clean avoiding adding laundry?
Yes it is amazing what we will do to avoid unnecessary work and it also speaks to what unusual things we will do for our loved ones and around our loved ones, especially when you feel comfortable in your own skin.


sarita said...

have sniffed clothes - but NEVER NEVER underwear!! if it's clean it'll just be cleaner if i wash it - and if it's NOT clean - then it will be after i was it! that's my story and i'm stickin to it!! i said a prayer for the man that you saw on the corner...May God put someone in his path to help him...thank you God!

marie*jolie said...

Sadly, yes... I have sniffed. But only when I was quite certain they were clean and never EVER if I saw anything that resembled wear & tear in the stinky sense. I loved this post! Enjoyed the little insights into your day and hearing your thoughts. Made me wish we were meeting for lunch tomorrow!

Gabrielle said...

Yes, I done it, I also have checked over jeans and refolded them as if clean to avoid the mammoth piles of laundry our family produces. But, now my mother lives here and she insists on doing the laundry, I feel as if life is far too easy with her help.

Yes, I have also ventured to look into the eyes of struggling people. Sometimes I see what you described and sometimes not. It's a hard call, but I pray for them regardless of my discernment.

Here is my question: Can we ever notice the details enough and do enough about it?

Have a great day, I loved the post, thank you!

bethany said...

yup, i've sniffed. all of it. tired of so much laundry, almost anything to lessen the pile!
great post. looking deep is sometimes a challenge, and yet we all ache to be seen in that way ... the real way. thanks for sharing!

Myra said...

I'm not ashamed to proclaim that I have sniffed! For more reasons than just laundry too. You know what they when in doubt sniff it out.