Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Can See With My Eyes Closed

Photo taken by 1969 Apollo 12 - Sun emerging from behind the Earth

Shortly after arriving home tonight I retreated to a soak in the tub. My boys (hubby and son) were napping on the couch together. Restless sleep the night prior as we sent our daughter off on a church youth trip to New Orleans 3 AM this morning.

As I soak, I peer out the large window (Don't worry, nothing to see here. I am on the second floor and the window faces the woods) into the storm filled sky. It's raining and the rhythmic sound of raindrops hitting the window is soothing. I close my eyes and in a hue of bright pink I see the silhouette of the window and roof line. I concentrate on the image and realize, "I can see with my eyes closed." I wave my hand in front of my face, 6-9 inches away. The image remains, but the pink, that is the brightness of the sky, becomes dull and gray. As I move my hand closer to my face, the vision, gone.

I ponder on my new found blind vision and recount a conversation with my friend today. It was about how people are attracted to the "LIGHT", without really knowing it is light. Although there are some who purposely block out the light because they do not feel worthy or feel it will shine upon them, revealing their true selves. Even something as bright as the sun can be blocked out. Worse yet is when somebody does everything in their power to steal the light away from others.
When I closed my eyes and saw the silhouette it was the light that made it possible. So I have a choice, be the light or block the light. I will do everything in my power to be the light and shine so bright that allow others to see the light even when their eyes are closed to their worthiness and specialness.

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marie*jolie said...

Love that idea on "being the light" or blocking it. Great insight! How are you doing these days? I've missed ya.