Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dare to Dream a Dream So So BIG

I close my eyes and what do I see? Yellow, red, blue and green. Mostly old- not new. I go to this place to do what some would call work, but we will call it something different. Women "play" here and get paid to do so. We will play hard. We will sweat and toil. We will cry and we will laugh. Our pay comes in many forms, giving and getting. Looks more like a home than a place of "business".

Lunch time.......I can smell it now. Fresh bread, fruit and maybe a treat. We will eat together.

Back to creating things for sale for our happy customers whom we inspire and help. Actually we are our own happy customers. Creating is our own therapy. We together have created a place we want to go and do our deeds.

I believe to the deepest core of my heart this is a true story, as dreams are real as real can be. The beating so loud it drowns out my fear.
I thank Dear Daisy Cottage for bringing an eye to my heart.

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bethany said...

beautiful. i can feel it too :).