Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Best

It's 1:15 am Eastern time (my 12:15 time at home) and technically its June 26th, but my June 25, 2009 hasn't ended for me.

I am alone in a hotel room in Taylor MI. The first time I ever heard of Taylor MI I had only one vision and that was from the view of a website of a lady who is now a very good friend. I thought Taylor MI had to be the most enchanting magical place on the earth based on the view from her window.

I was on the outside looking into this world. Today I was inside this world and had a role in letting young girls into this enchanting world where anything is possible and the world is safe, hopefully leaving some of their pain for just a moment.

I did my best at hauling boxes, hanging balloons, unpacking boxes, covering chairs with sashes, cutting cake, laughing, washing dishes, sweating, hugs, eating at Red Lobster, sharing stories.

I know why I did my best today. I was doing for others. I was surrounded by the best. I was expected to be the best. You do your best and next thing you know your best just keeps getting better.

Share your best "world" with others. From that perspective Taylor MI is very enchanting and a place where dreams really do come true.

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Anonymous said...

Kim, So glad you were able to join us to do our "Best Work". The event was simply amazing and "magical". Hope you enjoyed your first visit to our Enchanted corner of the world. It keeps getting more "enchanted" all the time which keeps me in awe constantly! You've added so much "magic" yourself to the enchantment and for that I Thank You! Blessings, Mary