Sunday, June 14, 2009

Snowing in June

June 13th ~ 3:00 PM ~ Haycreek Camp Grounds Red Wing MN

The snow has subsided for now as the breeze calms to a faint whisper on my wet brow, dampened by a slight beading of sweat. Just finished mowing the grass at the camper. DANG! Just spilled Diet Coke on my white t-shirt for the second time today.

Alone again. Dad and kids are golfing. Last time I laid my, heavier that I'd like body, on this hammock, I gazed at finches above.

What is it about leaving life at your "house" to "live" at the camper for 2 days. My body only 5 minutes from our "house" and my mind drifts 100's of miles. Actually, light years away, wondering and awing about the universe and how small I am, yet how powerful I am.

The breeze almost gone now. Cottonwood just floats. I smell campfires and grass. I hear birds and children laughing. There goes a howl and a "cook-a-doodle-do". Yes! A campground with roosters.

Now I wonder, "Work my butt off or savor the journey?" I can do both.

Time to swing. Life is good. Thank you God. Snow is picking up again.

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Gabrielle said...

AHHH... I love the serenity I feel from your post!!