Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ogres Are Like Onions

Today I share a piece I wrote nearly a year ago. I was writing about one of my BB's, my Born Belief, which is at the core of our existence. This core is not unlike the universally accepted core values held by religions, societies, organizations, movements etc. My BB (baby, born belief), Modern B*a*g Ladies, simply applies my own language to express this core that connects us all. With the utmost sincerity I tell you that coming back to your core is the most exhilarating and hardest undertaking one can pursue.

Life, people, and mostly our own negative thoughts apply (buried beliefs) many layers (bought & borrowed beliefes) over our core. You have one. Its in there. You know when you've reached it. It's that OH Yes feeling. When you find that place, no matter the timing or length, it's a washing of warmth and knowing. Note the actions that lead you there and repeat the action. This is where a journal or audio recorder comes in handy, as the mind can be cluttered making ti difficult to recall.
From this core we must have the courage to venture out and travel as well. It is the hard part of discovering your core and learning its purpose outside of it.

I'm high. I'm low. I'm high. I'm low. I'm fast. I'm slow. I'm in. I'm out. I'm in. I'm out. I whisper. I shout. I'm happy. I'm sad. I'm glad. I'm mad. I thrive. I survive. I'm left. I'm right.

Maybe my hormones are out of whack. WHERE DID MY MIDDLE GROUND GO? Is that the wishy washy place to be? Ugh, I am so confused. Lordy, I almost feel like I'm having an adult case of adolescent mood swings along with the rest of America.

A Place Of Extremes......

If the media is a reflection of how America is doing (questionable at times) we are becoming a nation of extremes. The hope President Obama choruses over the air waves, yet predators ready to pounce at the first sign of failure. His stimulation plan not received well by Republicans and everyone is ready to write off bipartisan forever. The whole notion of the permanency of anything, whether for the good or the bad. The middle ground just doesn't seem to be the "COOL" place to be these days.

As I wallowed in a state of confusion over my middle ground, preparing this week's newsletter I arrived at this conclusion...

"If I were a tree, standing tall and straight, I will allow myself to yield to the winds that pull me from left to right, from this extreme to the next. My yielding, centered by my core, is not due to a force that bends me. It is a a graceful yielding motivated by innocence and wonderment. I lean to understand. I lean to observe. I come back to my "middle" to reflect. As I lean to and fro I maintain my young flexibility. The winds will not break me. The winds will teach me."

Our trees are trees weathering a formative storm today. It will require us to be flexible and sometimes yielding. If I insist on being rigid in my core (middle) I may break. Gracefully we must yield, yet always returning to our core. The time spent at the core is not important. It's only important that you have it and know your way back.

Finally I realize that I have not lost my middle ground. It only feels that way because my stays are shorter, but always within sight.

I think this hard rock Dancing B*a*g Lady just tried on the leotard of an interpretive dancer.

Be Strong. Be Graceful. Be Flexible. Be an Interpretive Dancer?

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