Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How High Can You Stack Your Baggage?

Old luggage has a certain charm don't you think. Clunky, heavy, bright to bland colors. Gosh no wheels, what's up with that. You want me to carry my luggage? You know maybe they were on to something back then.
If you had to carry your heavy, clunky baggage, well you just might think about what you were carrying around with you. There would be no denying that you had baggage. You couldn't deny the hurt it was causing you by lugging it around.
Too many times we give our baggage wheels and a nice sleek handle. Oh look at me frolicking through the airport of my life. I don't have any problems. My life is so nice. And while you are off denying your baggage it is happily multiplying like rabbits (see the first picture).
Just acknowledge it for what it is and find ways to recycle it into your B*a*g (believe act go).
I think a few vintage bags are way more stylish than a new sleek bag with wheels and a stylish handle anyway.


Gabrielle said...

Everyday I have to knock down my tower. Everyday I have to remind myself of my purpose and passion, and I everyday I am blessed by the ability to live today and forget yesterday! Thanks for the work you do!!!!

bethany said...

that first picture is me. yup. off to toss baggage! thanks for the reminder, i really needed it today.