Saturday, February 14, 2009

If I Played the Game of Life Like a Volleyball Game

I watched volleyball most of today. My daughter plays. I enjoy watching my children learn a skill and excel. Their ability to so naturally move they bodies with such physicality. In my mind, I am as strong and agile.

If I played the game of life like a volleyball game.....

  1. I would be a Libero more often, when needed. This is a player who can move on and off the court liberally. No checking in with the officials. Their main job is to set the ball so the front line can spike in the opponents faces. They even get to wear a special colored shirt, which is the only glamorous thing about the job. They don't spike the ball they make the spike possible.
  2. I would be more encouraging when I didn't get the score. Volleyball is the most supportive of games. They are consistently giving high fives. Even when they lose the point they cheer in support. Its not a rule in the book, its a given of volleyball. Teamwork, support, encouragement. Good lessons for my daughter AND ME!
  3. I'd love playing even when it hurt. Whenever I've hit the ball with the inside of my arms it hasn't been a pleasure experience. It hurts. I guess when you are completely in the game and going for the score all the hurt goes away.

Love it~Play Hard~Win (even when the scoreboard doesn't say so)


TammyJones said...

nice job.
I'm going to go spend time with my daughter now.

LadyJtalks said...

I always thought of life and relationships as a game of batmitten...not so rough as volleyball...