Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rarely Asked Question #3 - A Theory On My Moisturizing Habits

I wonder why I only moisturize the exposed parts? My face, my arms, hands and the bottom half of my legs, but not my feet curiously enough.

Perhaps it has to do with their worthiness. They seem to get all the credit for the doing part of my day. Smiling, forming words, typing, lifting, steering the car, walking, running.

Cold winter months are hardest on the exposed parts, but the non exposed parts get their fair share of wear and tear as well. You'd think as much as I sit on my buns they would be protected from the harsh Minnesota, cold dry air, but no.

You know the price of a good moisturizer is going up in price, so I should conserve right? Quality not quantity. Save it for the worthy, hard working exposed parts. I honestly feel like if I spread that stuff everywhere it would be an indulgence. Too much pampering for my sensibilities.

My daughter is a faithful moisturizer. She covers her face. arms, shoulders, stomach and all of her legs. She skips the feet and buns too. And now that I think about it, my mother never schooled me in such a thing and me of my daughter. She does observe me moisturizing my face and I did of my mother as well, so that part was taught by example. She does read magazines such as Seventeen and they must cover this kind of thing there.

The fact is that I am in such a hurry in the morning, I am lucky my exposed parts get the treatment they do. You should see my callused feet and tattered cuticles. EEEK!

I wonder if my lack of attention to these things has anything to do with self worth or more a sign of different priorities. My exposed parts are what others see, but they are also the most in need of moisturizing attention. My heart and mind need tending to as well and attention they do receive.

If the parts that do not get the moisturizer today look like a dried up river bed, trust me they would be getting attention too. Except for my damn feet. They do and I still don't. Hmm baffled.

What are your moisturizing habits and what does that say about your self care?


Anonymous said...

This is an interesting topic, i never seem to get all the way to my feet, and I only put lotion on when I am itchy. If I would be more faithful about it, I wouldn't get itchy! Also, I use little, because it's expensive and a luxury item in my world! Food always takes precedent over lotion, light bulbs, batteries, etc. :)haha

Dancing B*a*g Lady said...

food is important

Rhonda Geneva said...

The other day while browsing the bookstore (in the children's section), there I saw a fantastic "body care" book printed by American Girl for the pre-teen age girl. We didn't have things like this when I was young. Although my daughter is almost 5 and too young for this type of book, I have made a mental note that along with all the books I need to acquire when she reaches puberty, I will consider this a necessity to teach her about all the things my mother never taught me.

If I had followed my mother's advice I would have half the shaving responsbility that I take on, as back then it was only necessary to shave up to the knee. Uggh, I'm never wearing a swimsuit! Well middle-age and swimwear never go together anyway! (LOL)

Dancing B*a*g Lady said...

I learned a lot from one friend in particular. I wonder if they have a book for boys??

My swimsuit "skirt" thing actually covers half my thigh, so that potentially eliminates shaving 1/3 of my legs. I'm lucky I have fine blonde hairs on my legs.

M.E. Greene said...

I'm a total moisturizer dufus. I only think to do it when I'm getting all gussied up (other than a major fetish for having hand lotion, the rest of my body gets neglected). It's only when I saw a bit of my wrinkly neck in the mirror that I realized the error of my ways. I'm trying to do better!

Anonymous said...

I moisturize it all!! I actually do my feet two or three times a day...and put some cotton socks on them to keep the moisture in~ Its amazing how much I spend on Vaseline intensive rescue..for my legs and feet....Of course, I use alot of Mary Kay products for the rest of this old girl!!