Tuesday, October 21, 2008

B*A*G Book Notes - Why Work Sucks Chapter Five, Six & Seven

All and all I will conclude this series of posts by highly recommending this book to anybody who leads people or is overwhelmed with life in general. I view their philosophy as the ultimate in business process improvement. From the beginning they didn't need to win me over, but can see how introducing it to business leaders could be scary. It turns the status quo on it's head.
I feel ROWE (Results Only Work Environment) will challenge leader's egos before it will challenge leader's logic. Also leaders in ROWE will really need to come with their "A" game. And it dawned on me that when you get down to results, stereotypes and assumptions bases on sex, ethnicity etc could be given less thought.
Although supported by the leaders at Best Buy, the implementation and success was primarily due to grass roots support. For the employees, by the employees, preserved by the employees. From the mouths of our fore fathers.
In conclusion Cali and Jody are passionate about improving work environments everywhere. These ladies are on a mission and they have done their homework. Like Cali and Jody would say, "Let's rock and ROWE."

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