Friday, March 27, 2009

A Collection of Precious Gems

As a child I had collections. Nothing was more purposeful than hunting for that next gem that you would add to your collection. Once acquired you could stare at the new found marvel for hours, examining every detail. We gazed, dreamt and traveled to places.

Bells, autographs, matchbooks, horses....

I loved horses. I was fascinated with their glistening power. Graceful and powerful all in one package. On a few rare occasions I had the opportunity to ride, but never fully feeling the power of a full on run. I collected horse figures. I gazed and dreamt of a rhythmic escape, keeping in sync with each gallop, melting becoming one with the horse.

As I became an adult my collecting continued....... Girlfriends, Fiesta ware, memories, Cupid Awake, old office equipment, Cupid Asleep and just OLD things in general. Some of my favorite OLD things in my collection are a rocking chair handcrafted by my great grandfather, a picture of Jesus the Shepard which hung in my grandparents bedroom and a mobile of artfully assembled re purposed glass and beads, which are hung from a piece of driftwood.

Collections could be considered a clutter of our addictions to things. A good friend provided me with a different perspective. Could collecting be a exercise in connecting, gathering and coping? As I pulled out items from my collections tonight I reflected upon their meanings. Clutter? My heart felt good when I look upon them. I specifically chose each item for a reason. Perhaps they chose me and drew me towards them. It was love at first sight for me and these gems. I still love these things. They bring me joy.
When I surround myself with old things, I am surrounding myself with the spirits of those who shared their space. I imagine absorbing their wisdom.

My fascination with OLD office equipment/tools speaks to my awe of our evolution and creation of better tools.

A while back I shared some of my collection with some great artists (newly acquired gems to my friend collection). I always intended on making something with my old vintage matchbooks. Well you know how things go. I was thrilled that somebody could preserve the travels of these items by making them into something others would gaze upon and wonder.

I realized that I had traded my OLD collection for a new one when I opened my mailbox the other day. When is a box in the mail more than a box?

When it is lavender.
When it is speckled.
When the address labels look like they came from days gone by.
When the blue purple tissue inside makes that certain sound that tissue paper makes when you pull it open to reveal the surprise inside.
When there is a eclectic little bag, securing the treasure inside.
When the jewel inside previously gave clarity to another through their very own lenses.


I have a newly acquired GEM that can be pinned on my shirt and my heart. My heart will carry the gift of the thoughtful attention to detail.

MY MOST PRECIOUS COLLECTION is the energy of perseverance, love, hopes, dreams, creativity and wonder that is in everything, living and not. I will continue to collect.


marie*jolie said...

I love that you collect things. I don't have collections, per se, but I do have my little treasures that I love to keep near me.

My word verif. is "nitye" as in Nitey nite. Which is what I should do right now since it's nearly 1am!

Cindy Shepard said...

No, thank you. I cannot tell you how happy I was when I opened your gift. I thought at the time, how could you give these up? I sent the small gift to you as an immediate thank you. However, I am pondering what wonderful project to commit these matchbook covers to, and when I come up with it you will have another reason to smile when you go to your mailbox. Again, thank you.