Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Naughty in a Nice Way

This post is dedicated to all the Naughty and Nice Ladies, which is all ladies. You know that naughty nice that's the real you. Not the nicey nice that's the fake you censoring everything like a Stepford Wife. And not the nasty naughty that violates the rules of B*A*G Lady Fun.

1. BAG Lady FUN helps you face problems, not run from them.
2. BAG Lady FUN never gets boring.
3. You never regret BAG Lady FUN.
4. BAG Lady FUN makes everyone feel better; not feel worse.

Here are two of my favorite celebrity naughty in a nice way Ladies.

Chelsea Handler - Although Chelsea does push the envelope with her jokes at times (rule #3 and #4), she is clever and sarcastic in a brilliant way. Her funny requires some intelligence. I would kill to see if I could hang with her comedians at her Round Table segments featured at the beginning of her show, Chelsea Lately. Too bad she promotes drinking Vodka, but nobody is perfect.

Jenny McCarthy - Jenny has had her stretches of crazy television shows/appearances in the 80's & 90's, posed for Playboy and is known for her crazy antics but recently she has channeled that unbridled drive of being herself into the being an advocate for autistic children. She made an appearance on Oprah and I have to say she oozed passion and compassion. She is a great example of how to channel your "realness". Her newly released book, Mother Warriors, was fueled by the love of her autistic son. It is filled with stories, demonstrating the power of a mother's love. Damn if we could bottle mommy love we would out energize the sun for sure.

I will not be naming Naughty in a Nice way ladies I know personally, but if you know me and are reading this you know if I am talking about you. You....

  1. show your significant other your naughty nice side and they do appreciate it
  2. speak your mind in a respectful, constructive manner
  3. love to relax and laugh
  4. are genuine and people know you are always being yourself
  5. love yourself in every way
  6. share your love with others and aren't afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve
  7. do your best to stay within the B*A*G Lady Fun rules
Be naughty & nice at the same time. It is SOOOOO much fun.

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