Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Arm Pit Sniffing, Tree Kissing Super Star! (down on one knee, arms in the air)

TIME TO EXERCISE!!! Your well being that is. I know.... I bring up stripping a lot and trust me stripping is good exercise. The reality is that most of us are sooooo good at layering on the negative labels that we need to cleanse often.

You will need to take out a piece of paper and a writing instrument (crayons are welcome).

First, lay your paper landscape and draw lines to make three category columns. Label them, My BAGGAGE, My FUEL and Go to My Dreams. Carry this piece of paper with you for a week.

When you place a label on yourself write it down in either the Baggage (negative self talk) or the Fuel (positive congratulatory talk) category.

To complete the Go to your Dreams category, you will need to tap into the realm of limitless possibilities. Can you go there? Think about what you wanted to be when your were young. New skills you would learn if money and time were not a factor. Think about people you admire. What do they do that resonate with your born beliefs that you wish you could tap into. Pull out those buried labels you were born with and are the core of you.

Reflect on your list at the end of the week. Only you really know what it means, but just being aware of the labels we place on ourselves allow us to make sense of them.

This exercise also applies to our awareness of putting labels on others. Let's not limit others with the labels we place on them.

Here's my list from several weeks ago. The Baggage column took an early lead, but the Fuel and Go to your Dreams columns made a huge comeback later in the week.

I read the Baggage label and cancelled them out with a counter acting Fuel label. Here's a partial list.

Late Night Person cancels out Non Morning Person
Distracted Dreamer cancels out Disorganized
Clothes Folder YAH cancels out Poor Housekeeper
Good Mother cancels out Bad Mother
Prayerful cancels out Fearful
Doer cancels out Fearful
Prayerful cancels out Angry
Capable cancels out Poor Money Manager

Here are some leftovers:

Happy #2
Good Friend
In Pain

Now for the Go to your Dreams List:

Super Star (in that Molly Shannon kind of way), highly sought out key note speaker, author, columnist, dancer, radio show host.

All of the labels in the Fuel column will help me Go to my Dreams. Doer, Capable, Prayerful and Expressive match up very nicely with these new labels.

Which Baggage Labels did not have a counter label?

In Pain and Tired. This is where I am out of balance. I need more sleep, exercise and a better diet. My chronic back pain would probably get better with the sleep, exercise and weight loss. Stretching and yoga would also help my pain.

This exercise reminds me that the answers are not in the answers, they are in the exploring, reflecting and doing part of life. Now stick your fingers under those arm pits, pull them out and sniff. Lunge down on one knee and PROCLAIM it! YOU ARE A SUPER STAR!

P.S. Do you like my new ride? I had to put away the convertible for the winter.

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