Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Traveling Sanctuary Sisterhood - Message of Hope

The Traveling Sanctuary Project™ - A Pillowcase ~ A Card ~ A Message of Hope

Inspired by a poem that came to the Dancing B*a*g Lady while in the stillness, the Project Traveling Sanctuary™ Pillowcase set is a gift that connects women, creates an inclusive sisterhood and raises money to create sanctuaries for women and children living in shelters.

You can share your message of hope with women at New House Shelter.

  1. Visit Enchanted Makeovers website to view the upcoming Recipes of Hope Event.

  2. Comment on this post with your short message of hope.

  3. Modern B*a*g Ladies will transcribe your message on a Traveling Sanctuary postcard.

  4. The numbered postcard will be attached to a pillowcase and gifted to the women living at New House Shelter in Kansas City.

  5. Modern B*a*g Ladies will provide you with a number to match to a return message.

  6. A self address stamped postcard is provided with the pillowcase, so the receiver can return a message of hope.

  7. Modern B*a*g Ladies posts Traveling Sanctuary Sisterhood messages on website, Facebook and Twitter.

Purchase a Traveling Sanctuary Project pillowcase set here. (purchase not necessary to share your message of hope with women at the Recipes of Hope Event with New House Shelter.)

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consultpro said...

No matter how dark today is, there is always light out there and there are people willing to reach out and guide you. You just need to look for them. Tomorrow can and will be a brighter day.