Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm a Millionaire ~ Cha-Ching

I’ve seen many articles, studies and books on the subject of happiness these days, many on the relationship between money and happiness. It got me to thinking about my “millions”. Do I have a million of anything? Here is my top ten list, for which I am thankful.

(Dancing B*a*g Lady Millionaire cruises town on her tricycle.)
1. I know I have had multi-millions of seconds of joy, love, fun, happiness

2. I have had multi-millions of seconds of learning life’s lessons through sadness and hard work.
3. After 20 years with the same company I have 2.6 million seconds of earned vacation every year (6 weeks). I spend at least 1 million seconds of this (11.5 days) vacation seconds with my husband and children.

4. I have earned 1 million pennies ($10,000) a few times a year, which weighs 6273 pounds and if stacked together would measure 4 feet wide, 5 feet tall and 12 inches thick.

5. I inhale approximately 1 million times every 70 days.

6. I inhale approximately 1 million cubic inches of air each day.

7. My heart beats approximately 35 million times a year.
8. I am sure I have listened to at least 1 million beats of music in my life time.

9. There are 304 million humans in the United States. I view them all as my brothers and sisters.
10. Hey we have 100 billion brain cells! BONUS!!!!!! This is more than there are stars in the galaxy. Just imagine what we can create with our 100 billion brain cells.

So if I used the millions I have today to bring 1 million dollars into my bank account what would I do with it? And would it give me happiness? As I read an article from the St. Paul Pioneer Press, “Rewarding Life” it claims recent research shows maybe money really can buy you happiness, if you spend it the right way”, I think it depends on what the million dollars is for.
How many millions of seconds of love, joy, fun and happiness would I sacrifice for the 1 million dollars? I see it this way; if by pursuing my dreams and being true to myself I earn 1 million dollars I hit the double bonus.

I think we would all agree that we are pursuing our dreams for more than 1 million dollars. We are in it for the multi-millions of seconds of joy, love, fun, happiness we can give ourselves, our families and the world.

What came first the chicken or the egg? If the chicken was the 1 million dollars and the egg was multi-millions of seconds of joy, love, fun & happiness, I would say the egg.

Let’s use our millions to spread joy, shred fear and have more fun!!!

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