Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Modern B*a*g Lady Truth #5

The sooner you find an excuse to find joy, the sooner you can spread it.

For some unknown reason the GPS kept activating on my phone. Well it had to be the Dorky Mom FBI division seeking out their top operative for another mission. I was ready and willing to serve my fellow Dorky Moms. I awaited the arrival of the SUV. I would be briefed on the newly released inappropriate jokes and dork dances. Goal: embarrass our children and make them fearful of growing old and acting just like their mothers.
I tweeted two of my informants, Tracie and Meagan. I would be parachuting down momentarily. We were instructed to seek out yellow colored objects in which to construct THE ULTIMATE YELLOW JOY MACHINE.
Universal Truth: Everyone has a purpose. It doesn't start by finding it. It starts by giving it to yourself. It leads you and pulls you towards IT. A continuous cycle of mystery and discovery. The pursuit.

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